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Unbiased Review On Field Safe Pte Ltd

We are today living in troubled times though many of us might have grown economically and financially. On the one hand there is a huge island of prosperity while this big island is surrounded by poverty and deprivation. Hence there is bound to be discontentment and frustration amongst many groups of society. This often manifests itself in many forms. Hence, today we see a spurt in the increase or robberies, burglaries, thefts, murders, kidnappings, rape and other such incidents. Hence the need of the hour is to protect ourselves from these dangers which are no longer artificial but very real. Towards this objective there is a need to make good and intelligent use of technology. Today there are many smart and intelligent ways and means available to protect our homes, offices and other commercial places. The emphasis is towards being proactive rather than being reactive. The old adage “prevention is better than cure” is very much apt here. This is where technology can come to active play and companies like Field Safe Pte Ltd have been able to make a positive contribution in this area.


The Best Of CCTV Facilities Are Provided

It would be pertinent to mention here that over the past few years Field Safe Pte Ltd has been able to make a big impression in the field of CCTV based security cover. They have emerged as a reliable and reputed CCTV supplier and have been able to create a space for themselves in this highly competitive market. The reason for their success could be attributed to various things. First and foremost, they believe in offering complete, holistic and end to end surveillance and monitoring services for their customers. They do not believe in offering a solution out of the hat. They sit with the customer and understand their specific needs and requirements very thoroughly. They look at the threat perceptions also very minutely and it is here that their experience and expertise comes into play. They never offer any solutions without physically looking up the place. Further they also take into account the budgets and financial situation of the customers and then offer their recommendation.

A Look At The Types Of Services Offered By Them

It would not be out of place to mention here that over the years, Field Safe Pte Ltd has become a one-stop solution for various types of CCTV based monitoring and surveillance services. They can offer both customized and readymade solutions keeping in mind the size of the requirements of their clients. For example when it comes to CCTV installer services they have variety of products to offer. Whether it is bullet cameras for indoor use or various types of outdoor camera for day/night use, they have everything to offer. They use the best of technology to ensure that even the slightest of movements anytime in the night is captured even if the light conditions are very poor. This is what sets them apart from many other service providers who are available in the market.

Install CCTV

The Imaging Chip Plays An Important Role

When installing CCTVs for their clients, Field Safe Pte Ltd is reputed for offering only cameras which use CCD technology. The sizes of the chips are also quite large and this in turn results in better quality of videos and images. These types of cameras also have better light sensitivity and therefore they will be able to capture images quite well even if the quality of light is no good. They are also in a position to offer color as well as black and white images depending on the specific needs and requirements of the customers. They however, suggest to their customers that going in for color images is always better because it could help trace down the culprit based on the color of dresses that he or she is wearing and the complexion that the subject is made of.

The Quality Of Installation

It would be not out of place to mention here that in spite of having the best of CCTV cameras, if proper installation is not done it might not have the desired effect and impact. Since Field Safe Pte Ltd has the richest of experience in this field, they are experts when it comes to installing the CCTV at the right height, right angle and at the right distance. This will help to capture razor sharp images which will help to identify any suspects without having to look for other options so to say.

Field Safe CCTV

The Best Of After Sales Services And Support

Another big reason why many customers have lot of good things to say about this company is because they are very particular about the quality of after sales services that they provide to their clients. In fact their philosophy is that the relationships with their clients start only after a CCTV requirement has been installed. They take lot of pains and efforts to walk that extra mail in offering quality support services to their clients. Their services are available 24/7 and 365 days. They can easily be reached over phone, by mail, live chat and even by personal visits. The response time is also quite impressive and their track record of closing complaints to the full satisfaction of their clients has to be seen to be believed.

They Are Futuristic

Whenever they offer a solution to their customers, this organization always makes it a point to ensure that what they offer to their customers is upgradable without having to spend a fortune again on it. This certainly helps customers to fight obsolete technology and helps them to have the best of CCTV solutions at all points of time. Lastly, what separates Field Safe Pte Ltd from others is the cost-effective solution which they offer to their valuable clients. Hence when all the above points are taken together and looked at as one big offering, there is hardly any doubt that they offer complete, total and value-added services to their clients. They are always willing to learn from the past and set new benchmarks of quality standards for others to emulate and follow. This is what separates them from the crowd and makes them tall when compared to many other service providers.

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We got a free onsite quotation to install 8 CCTV camera in our office. We find that their service and rates are very good and also they installed the camera within 3 days. I will recommend your company to my friends. Thank you.
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Singapore Leading CCTV, IP Camera, Surveillance Camera & CCTV Camera Specialists

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We are specialists in HDB CCTV, Office CCTV, Warehouse CCTV, Surveillance Camera, IP Camera & CCTV Camera Installation

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