Pros & Cons On IP Camera

People have stopped being fascinated by the never ending top of the range technologies each and every day. If you happen to reside within Singapore, you will surely agree with this saying, “Be the Change You Want to be”. Why? The reason is ultimately because in this place of the continent, almost every home or business if not all are busy employing new surveillance strategies. No need of stage manning a house with just a physical guard when a newer technology typically referred to as IP Camera can answer your plight. Long gone are the days when businessmen and residence of Singapore used traditional cameras to act as CCTV‘s for their homes and premises. Seeking the help of renowned company like can take your house security and monitoring to the next state-of-the-art level.

The only problem that one can face when selecting a camera system is what type beats the other. As stated earlier, IP Camera has completely replaced traditional cameras hence you should know why you ought to go for this intuitive option taking every person in Singapore like a storm. Even though traditional camera has its own advantages and disadvantages, IP Camera is not an exception. The good news is that in most occasions, newer technologies have better improvements that in most cases must surpass its predecessor technology. To get a quick glimpse of why you must hire Company to install IP Camera in your premises, take a look at the following lauded pros of this type of technology and the few cons that you can still manage.

Pros of IP Cameras

With this type of surveillance installed, you don’t have to be in front of a computer monitoring each and every aspect of what has been viewed. They are so smart in that they can be programmed so that they can “talk” with your other devices. For example, a single or whole motion of what has been captured by an IP camera can be sent to your smartphone or any other authorized person. A fire alert can be sent to a fire fighting team and the response will be fast than never before.

You don’t have to be near the vicinity of the installed system to know what is happening. The ability of the camera to use Internet Protocol makes it to be part and parcel of the global connectivity. All you have to do is to have the right application that can access what is available on that private network.

IP Camera is always within a private network that has been encrypted hence chances of data finding its way to an unauthorized person are minimal. By advocating this task to, you will be sure of getting the best surveillance that can never be intruded.

Unlike traditional analogue cameras, this one employs smart technologies to ensure that the images are digitized before transmission. This means that the quality will not be interrupted in any case thus offering a profound viewing experience.

If you already have an existing network cabling in your own house, the all idea of installing IP Cameras will be very simple. It also uses the same networking topography and wiring and may also reduce overall cost.

Cons of IP Cameras

Some people have complained that its cost is out of reach to many. They say that only big companies can afford them. The truth of the matter is that these types of cameras offer an advantage that is incomparable with its cost.

There is no doubt that the bandwidth requirement of this type of camera is very high. If you incorporate existing bandwidth with it, there may be a decline in its strength. The trick here is to use an internet plan that is more than stable.


It is about that time you should view the IP Cameras by its advantageous not the other way round. The reason for this is that no one loves to hate newer and improved technologies because they are better than its predecessors. Call today and get a free quote. They will access your building and give you free recommendation and quotes. It is upon that time the all of Singapore should be under security surveillance for a better tomorrow.

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