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Non Biased Review On Field Safe Pte Ltd

If you are in need of safely securing your home or office premise then you will greatly realize that benefits that come with being supplied the best surveillance equipment by a licensed and registered company. The only limitation is that finding company may get to very difficult as most firms out there are out to only maximize on their profits without actually considering the urgent need with which any surveillance and CCTV camera supply and installation should be dealt with. Field Safe Pte Ltd is that one company which many people in Singapore do look up to for reliable and secure supplies and installation of CCTV systems and this is one good indication that this company is indeed a top professional in this line of business. The company has been in existent for many years and this implies that wealth of experience which has been gained is varied and can help provide effective solutions for clients in need of supplies and installation services.


Clients’ service satisfaction is one of the major primary objectives that Field Safe Pte Ltd will always fulfill. The company employs highly experienced professionals and this does ensure that any service delivered get to be of top level quality. Consultations are highly welcomed and this is one of the avenues through the clients can get valuable information on some aspects that should be considered when making CCTV and Surveillance camera installation. For instance, Field Safe Pte Ltd professionals can get to advice the clients on the right equipment to be purchased depending on the level of security monitoring that needs to be applied to a given premise. In fact, most clients who have had their CCTV security camera sorted out by Field Safe have always had something positive to say about us a company. This does indicate that the company is truly dedicated to providing effective solutions for clients and thus is what every business-client relationship should be all about.

Security is one aspect that shouldn’t be compromised on and this implies that any company involved in supply and installation of CCTV equipment should be licensed, registered and operate under Singapore national laws regarding safety and security standards. This is a condition that Field Safe Pte Ltd is perfectly in line with and this means that clients can have total confidence whenever they seeking the services of the company. Licensing and registration also implies that clients should expect a high level of service delivery as any contrast usually leads to license cancellation.

Field Safe

The other advantage of consulting registered and licensed firms like Field Safe is that clients can get to confidently complain to the relevant authorities should there be any security situation being put on stake following faulty supplies and installations. It has taken many years for this kind of status to be achieved by the company and as a result the company will always provide better services so as to satisfy its clients and also be in line with the national regulations. In addition, only high quality standard CCTV equipment can be found at Field Safe and this guarantees that maximum security will be availed to where such will be installed.

The other reason why many people do prefer to consult Field Safe Pte Ltd is that the company offers high level flexibility especially if clients may have urgent situations that needs quick fix. Remember, CCTV camera comprises of some delicate parts which can malfunction any time thus greatly put a premise into a greater security compromise. Such situations should be responded to very quickly and this is an area where Field Safe Pte Ltd has excelled as a company. Clients only need to inform of such situations at the right time for immediate action to be taken. After the company has been informed of the client’s location, a team of technician will then be immediately dispatched so as to offer the needed solutions and ensure that the normal CCTV working is regained. CCTV cameras from Field Safe are of high quality standards and any kind of such breakdowns are usually minimal. Still there needs to emergency response team to ensure that any breakdown is immediately fixed so as to ensure even better service delivery to clients.

Non Biased Review On Field Safe Pte Ltd

Field Safe Pte Ltd charges very affordable prices for its supplies as well as installation services. This factor has made the company to gain massive client base as at the same time quality is one aspect that is maintained throughout. In addition clients can also benefit from massive discounts which are offered in regular basis and this ensures that the Field Safe clients can get to have even more of what the company offers. Being that Field Safe is a registered and insured company this provides opportunity through which clients can get to save even more money. This implies that during installations, all the possible medical and compensation claims incurred by technician during the installation are put under the hands of the company. This is in contrast as compared to when uninsured firms are used for installation. In such cases the Singapore national laws dictate that the premise owner will be the one responsible for the payment of medical expenses and compensation claims if the technician is injured.

The customer support team is very friendly and this kind of approach means that potential clients can get to inquire more about the services and products which are being offered. Any time of the day clients can also channel their grievances and all these are guaranteed to be looked into and possible solutions implemented at the right timing. Field Safe Pte Ltd will always make an effort to get really close to its clients. Any thought on the company is ever welcomed as this forms the basis through which the company can get to learn on aspects that needs to be improved for highly effective service delivery. Clients looking forward to a great experience when it comes to CCTV equipment supply and installation should always see Field Safe Ltd as a home as this is the only place where superb quality and service delivery is assured.

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We are specialists in HDB CCTV, Office CCTV, Warehouse CCTV, Surveillance Camera, IP Camera & CCTV Camera Installation

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