6 Myths On Installing CCTV in Singapore

Singapore, a city beset with thriving malls, sky rocketing high rises, world class hotels, well equipped multiplexes, sprawling commercial places and luxurious homes has few law and order problems. Nevertheless, more and more people are now going in for the installation of smart TV camera, surveillance camera systems and other ways of keeping a closer watch on their environment—especially in heavily crowded areas.

Apart from curbing all possible threats of terrorism and unwanted activities in the streets and alleyways of Singapore, CCTVs are also useful in monitoring enclosed areas through remote locations, capturing irregularities and mishaps on factory floors, spotting traffic offenders, keeping a watch over public places and providing easy vigilance of business premises and so forth.

With insecurities rising in every part of the world, the technology linked with CCTV is becoming more and more crucial by the day. However, there are many myths and assumptions doing the rounds in the homes and offices of Singapore– which surely need to be busted. Read on for some myths about CCTVs and whether they are true or false.

This particular myth is both correct and false. The truth is that in spite of all the complicated equipments, DVRs and wires, a CCTV can be easily installed by any technical person. Any person who understands wiring and knows how to work with computers can attempt to install the same. However, it’s best to hire the services of professionals who are better equipped to perform the job to perfection.

This myth can be easily refuted with the modern day advancement of our digitized world. The new technologies linked with digital CCTV steer clear of old fashioned equipments and tapes—as those used in DVRs. This newly found technology helps storage and management of large amount of digitized information without incurring any major investments in tapes. This information can be transferred to various locations through an IP address –thus making it easier for users to retrieve information or evidence of any untoward event in their premises.

Most people think that CCTVs and other surveillance systems are a waste of resources and time. The truth is that the value of these gadgets can be understood only in the event of a criminal activity or robbery. These hi-tech gadgets have played a very positive role in the reduction of crime in Singapore and are a necessity, regardless of the general social outlook about them.

CCTVs are a waste of public resources—this particular myth can only be put to rest by understanding their value and role in the open. They have the ability of capturing crime and go a long way in preventing them too. Most offenders and mischief makers avoid the places that are under the vigilance of CCTVs as the evidence provided by these gadgets can put them in a tight spot— in more ways than one!

If you compare the costs incurred in the event of property being vandalized or broken into, then your investments in CCTV installation is worth every penny. They are not as expensive as you think. A careful research can get you access to CCTV equipments at a very affordable price. You can avoid the installation costs by fixing up the system all by yourself or taking the help of a friend or colleague who is well versed in the act. There are different types of CCTV surveillance equipments that are designed to sync with almost every budget.

This certainly tops the list of CCTV myths and is certainly untrue. Apart from keeping a consistent watch on the security of your residential or commercial space, CCTVs are now being used for keeping a watch on employees in offices, stores and other places of public interest. The fact that they are being watched, leads the staff to work better and be more motivated—resulting in higher productivity and overall profitability figures for their organization.

Along with offices, homes are also benefiting from the advantages of CCTVs. With a well planned system in place, mothers can keep a watch on their sleeping infants while cooking meals , elderly citizens can be sure of the security of their interiors and surrounding premises without having to physically monitor the same and teenage kids can be closely monitored—when their parents have to go out for late night parties or work.

So, instead of being misinformed or going by the myths, remember to indulge in careful research and understand the value of CCTVs in your life—before investing in the same.

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