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Do We Need Permit To Install CCTV In Singapore?

If you would look at various roads in Singapore, then you can easily spot many CCTV cameras mounted on walls monitoring road or others property. Most of the people are installing the cctv camera outside their house to discourage theft and their mischievous neighbors. Most of the people think about installing with the clear intention in their mind and we are not trying to have any question on their intention in any manner. But when people install CCTV system in Singapore to monitor some public place, then they need to take special permit for this installation in a legal manner. If they would install it in Singapore without having proper permit from authorities, then you will be violating the law and you might end up having various legal troubles because of that violation.


Indeed, you may have various questions or doubts about the permit related to installing of CCTV in your house and other things. So, here I am sharing some of the details that may help you in this regard in an easy manner and you may get useful information before installing cctv in your premises.

Places Where you do not need any permission for installing CCTV camera

If you have your own house, then installing CCTV camera inside your property is allowed without any permit. Here, you must understand that it should not be an HDB house and you can do the monitoring of your property with it. If you would face the camera on others property or public places, then you would be violating the law and in that case either you need to change the direction of the camera or you need to take permit from authorities. You can do the same for your shop or business as well but inside your property only. Also, if you are installing cctv for monitoring your employees or other people, then you must inform them for same using clearly visible stickers or not. If you don’t do this, then it might be a violation of legal terms and you should not make this mistake in any condition.

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Places where you should never think about installing CCTV camera

It does not matter that it’s your house, your shop or any other business place, you should never think about installing CCTV cameras in the toilet area. If you would install a cctv camera at any other private place similar to this one, then you will be breaking the law and you may end up having serious legal issues with it. Also, you should never think about getting a permit to install cctv camera at such location. Same is the case for any government property as well. If you live next to a government property, then you should not try installing cctv camera pointing that government property. If you would do that, then you would be clearly violating the law and you may face serious charges against this mistake.

Situation when you must take permit before installing CCTV cameras

If you live in an HDB home, then you need to take permission for installation of CCTV camera even if you are installing it inside your property. Also, this permit may last only for six months or resolution of issue whatever comes early. So, if you want to extend the permit then you should take approval for same form authorities. In case you want to monitor the outside area of your home that comes in public domain or outside of your business place, then you must need to take permit before installation. If you don’t take the permission before installing CCTV, then you would be breaking the law and you may face various complications with it. Also, if you are planning to install CCTV camera at a place that comes in public domain, then also you must need to take permission for same to avoid any kind of legal hassle.

Permit To Install CCTV

Grounds on which you can ask permit for installing CCTV camera

If you want to install it inside your hdb home, then you can do that for monitoring your annoying maid or to monitor your kids and elderly people from your work place. Mostly you will get permission for same on these grounds with ease. In case you have a rough neighbor and he disturb you a lot, then you can ask for a permit to install it and you may get approval considered you give some proof for same. Also, if you faced any theft in your house and you want to secure the area, then you can take approval from police and then you may get the permit for installing CCTV outside or your home. You can get the permit for this at your business place also on the same grounds. Of course, you don’t have to wait for the theft to happen before taking permit for installing cctv outside your business place. You can simply go to the authority, you can share your concern and you can ask for the permission from them.

Precautions that you should keep in your mind while installing CCTV

Sometime rules may change, so it is advised that before you trust on this document or any other online resource, we strongly recommend you to take second opinion which is more current and updated. Some of the information available on this page might not be precise or up to date. In that situation, if you take your actions on the basic of this information, then we might not be able to take any responsibility for same. Also, when you ask for the permit, then you may need to take permission or approval from various authorities. To know more about these authorities, you can search online or you can ask some help from those experts that help you installing CCTV at your premises. They know all about these rules so they may help you in much better way in this regard with ease and you can get good result as well. Also, it is a wise idea that if you have any question or doubt in your mind, then you talk to experts to avoid any problem and to get the best outcome as well.

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