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5 Mistakes To Avoid When Installing CCTV In Public Area

Most business owners in Singapore use close circuit television (CCTV) systems as a security measure. These systems are widely used in various commercial establishments and public areas such as shopping malls, banks, grocery stores, restaurants, and pubs. Small businesses are increasingly embracing CCTV to prevent crime. There are different types of systems available in the Singapore market and it is up to you to find an option that will work well in your situation. Technology is always changing and for this reason, you may have to keep updating your system to allow you to take advantage of innovative features. The systems work differently based on the situation. This makes it necessary to evaluate the environment that you want to examine before you install the systems. They are most effective in small areas that are well defined such as parking spaces instead of large ones. You are more likely to deter property damage when you install the system but they can also be helpful when you want to prevent disorder and violence.


The systems help to deter crime by reminding individuals that their actions are being watched. If you are thinking of installing this kind of system in a public area there are various aspects that you need to keep in mind. Here are 5 mistakes to avoid during the installation.

1. Failure to Conduct Thorough Research

One of the most common mistakes that people make is failure to determine if installing a CCTV system is the best decision. It takes some time to order and install one and you have to consider related operating procedures. It is also necessary to factor in the amount of space available for the installation. When you install these systems, you need to have qualified personnel who will monitor the information collected. It is important to note that CCTV systems are a long term commitment. You need to have a good reason for using CCTV. Compare the systems with other solutions. You should only install CCTV systems if they are the most cost effective, convenient and fast solution. Carry out comprehensive research to establish if the systems will offer an effective solution for your situation.

2. Choosing Wrong Camera Configuration

The CCTV systems have diverse camera configurations and each one is designed to offer a specific advantage. It is easy to choose the wrong configuration if you are unaware of the options available. One of the most popular options is overt systems. These systems are fully visible in a public area and they even come with signs to inform people that they are under surveillance. They are a good choice if you want to deter people from violating rules but they are more likely to be vandalized and tampered with because of their visibility. Semi-covert systems are another configuration option. They are visible to the public but are placed behind a clear casing to protect the cameras. If you install these cameras, it will be difficult for the public to determine who is being captured and number of cameras. You can also select covert systems that are not visible to the public. They are a great solution if you want to detect violations and install cameras that are safe from tampering.

3. Not Informing the Public

A CCTV system installed in a public area can only serve its purposes if the people who are under observation are informed. If the public are unaware of its presence, it fails as a preventative measure. It is advisable to put up signs next to the systems and carry out a campaign that will inform the public about the cameras to make them more effective.


4. Placing them in Wrong Locations

Another common mistake when it comes to installing CCTV is placing them in inappropriate locations. This is because there are usually no guidelines when it comes to appropriate locations. The systems you install will only work to your advantage if they are appropriately placed. To determine where to place the systems, you have to carry out an analysis and figure out where the public tends to violate regulations. They should be installed in hot spots. But you have to be careful about respecting people’s privacy. It is also essential to visit the areas you want to install the cameras. This is done to verify if there are obstructions that can make it difficult for you to capture the information you need. Choose locations that will make it easy for you to get detailed footage of the public space.

5. Failure to Specify the People and Things to be Surveyed

This is a common error that most people make when installing CCTV systems in public spaces. You need to have a good regulation and control system in place when you install the systems. You have to know the specific individuals and situations that you need to investigate. This will be determined by your needs and priorities. You need to have operational guidelines that dictate how the systems will be applied before the installation. It is also necessary to vet the individuals who will operate the systems and educate them about what to look for. Training is required to ensure the personnel know how to operate the camera, record, and store the information captured. You also need to let them know the specific situations that make it necessary to contact the authorities.


There is no doubt that CCTV systems have played a very important role when it comes to implementing rules and regulations. They can help to deter individuals from engaging in actions that are considered a violation of the laws in place. But it is necessary to consider certain factors to make the systems effective. There are concerns that these systems can violate an individual’s privacy but you can use install them in a public space and inform people of their presence. Carry out as much research as possible about the use of such systems and determine if they are the best option for your specific situation. You also need to choose a suitable configuration for your CCTV cameras to ensure you attain your objectives. Make sure the systems placed in the right locations and there are no obstructions.

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