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Is It Legal To Install CCTV With Voice Recording In Singapore?

The importance of a closed circuit television camera or CCTV in securing our homes cannot be underestimated. People living in Singapore will absolutely find it beneficial installing it in their homes because it helps them to monitor whatever is happening inside and outside their homes even when they are away. The problem with most people living in Singapore is that they are concerned about the legal implications of installing CCTV and voice recording security in their residential and commercial premises. For the last few years, there have been an increase in the rate of crime in both domestic and business settings and as a result, the government found it necessary to allow residents to install CCTV in their HDB residential units and also in business premises.

CCTV Voice Recording

Why you need to get an approval first

Among the most common reasons why people want to install a closed circuit television system is to deter theft, keeping a close eye on difficult neighbors and warding off other people who may have a criminal intent. What most residents of Singapore don’t comprehend is that unless they seek the permission of the Housing Board and the Town Council, it’s illegal to install a voice recording CCTV camera in their premises. The police may also install these cameras after seeking approval from the Town Council for the purposes of deterring crime. However, it’s of paramount importance to ensure that the camera which you have installed in your housing unit doesn’t invade on the privacy of other persons. Inmost instances permission is only issued to people who want to install one camera.

Installation of cameras on joint areas such as corridors and areas that is located just outside common flats. Where there is a reported case of bullying, the authorities can grant home owners the approval to install surveillance cameras that cover the area that is just outside the flat. For many years now, the issue of personal privacy has become a thorn in the flesh for many and while wanting to do a CCTV installation, making sure that you don’t infringe on personal privacy is highly advisable.

Why the surge in interest in CCTV installation?

These days, people’s lifestyles have changed drastically and people have to live their young kids under the care of nannies. Over the past few years, there have been many unfortunate incidences of nannies molesting kids therefore making it important to find out ways that can assist you keep close tabs on them while you are away. While their parents are away, children have been molested while some have developed certain kinds of behaviors that no repent would even want to think about. No better method can be used to achieve this noble goal than CCTV installation. Also, those who feel unsafe in their homes or while in their business premises will absolutely find it necessary installing a closed circuit television system.

The legal perspective of CCTV installation in Singapore

There is no denying that a parent in Singapore is allowed to use every gadget at his or her disposal to protect his or her children or home. If it can be proven that the installation of these gadgets can enhance the security of the home and its residents then its advisable to move ahead and do it. However, the installation of cameras shouldn’t interfere with the way of life or freedom of another person. As long as someone’s privacy is not interfered, the law in Singapore doesn’t prevent anyone from installing security cameras.

CCTV Voice Recording

Specific reasons why people would want to install a CCTV camera

Protecting of property

Although you try to put in place certain measures that protect your property, you will not be able to know everything that’s happening. There will be certain events that will pass without your notice. If you can install a camera in your premises, you are assured that you will be able to keep tabs on what’s happening within the precincts of your property. Even in your absence, the people who live in your home will have an instilled element of fear and so they will not commit a criminal act.

Safeguarding their children

The numbers of stories about kids being mistreated by nannies that have been reported recently are worrying. Also, young children have been abused by the people they trusted the most therefore making it a source of pain for the parents. You can prevent bad things from happening to your children if you put in place the right measures at the earliest instance possible.

Enhance smooth running of homes

With a myriad of tasks in your hand, it becomes a little harder to know what’s happening around your home. A CCTV camera affords you the opportunity to rerun what transpired during the day in your home hence keeping you well informed.

Seeking the services of a CCTV installation expert

CCTV and other security systems is complex in nature therefore making it important to be installed by reputable experts. Luckily, there is no shortage of experts in Singapore who can do everything from site assessment, recommending the best type of cctv camera and installing it in the right manner. Also of importance is the fact that there are many good brands that can deliver you outstanding service. No matter your security requirements, you can always get a CCTV camera of your desired price range.


The legal question with regard to the installation of voice recording CCTV camera is something that has been talked of regularly by residents of Singapore. Provided that you provide the authorities with an assurance that the privacy of another person is not infringed, you can have the permission to install security cameras in your premises. However, it’s imperative that you get the necessary permission from Singapore’s Housing Council as well as from your local Town Council. Armed with these approvals, nothing else can stand in your way towards having a CCTV secured home. There are many options of CCTV cameras that you can install in the market and depending on your budget range and a wide range of other considerations, you are able to achieve your goals more effectively.

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