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Pros & Cons On Installing CCTV For Office

Having security guards around your office is not a sufficient measure for security purposes. However, you can backup this security with a closed circuit television (CCTV), which will provide a 24 hour full coverage. Almost every office is using CCTV's for surveillance purposes. Installation of the devices enhances the safety of the building and also functions as a proof for any intruders who may enter into the building illegally. Additionally, you can use the devices in your office to trace any damages caused within the premises. With the advancement of technologies, criminals are also trying to catch up with the security measures in-order to break in for theft. To eliminate any robbery occurrence in your office, you should try and adopt the latest technology to prevent any high tech theft.

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Pros of using CCTV cameras in your office

.- The devices are important in the protection of your employees. In many jobs employees are always vulnerable to verbal and physical attacks from public. Mostly when a customer is dissatisfied, he/she can lash at a company representative. If the customers happen to realize that he/she is being watched through a CCTV camera she will try to reduce an occurrence of such cases and stay calm throughout. In other business environments, employees will be prone to false allegations and use of cameras will reduce such cases.
.- A CCTV is a good way of eliminating crime from a business area or office. Investigators will use the cameras to identify how a crime occurred and also monitor it in progress. Additionally the cameras are a good way of eliminating the crime as no one would commit a crime with the knowledge of someone watching.
.- The cameras also reduce the occurrence of employee theft. Mostly members of the public and customers will not engage in theft but your customers. According to statistics, need may not drive a person to steal, but mostly the existence of an opportunity to steal drives them. Therefore watching your personnel always will reduce the opportunity to steal.
.- CCTV's are a good way of ensuring employee satisfaction in your organization. If you happen to witness numerous thefts in your business, it might be a result of your employee’s dissatisfaction. Watching the recordings on a CCTV will give you a good idea on how to improve your business and also ensure that your employees enjoy their working.
.- In settling a dispute between your employees and customers, you may not be certain who is in the wrong side. A customer can be dissatisfied with the type of service in your office. Additionally a customer may claim to have received low quality goods or claim of an accident, which happened in your business environment. Informing them that you have a CCTV recording, it would make the con artists to back down.
.- The cameras are suitable in focusing blame. In the event of a theft or any other serious mistake, you can use the camera to point your employees into the right direction.
.- A CCTV is a convenient way of maintaining records within your business area. For example you can use the cameras to prove to your customers that you actually deployed a shipment. In the past, record keeping was a problem as people mostly used VHS and magnetic tapes. However, most of the units in the market currently use CDR technology, which allows the storage of a large coverage in a single disk. The feature is more efficient for law enforcers and security personnel in manufacturing facilities and office buildings.
.- The cameras have a wide range in confidence inspiration as it creates a safer feeling environment. The cameras will assist you in spotting any crimes against clients and or any accidents in the work place.

CCTV Office

Wireless systems over wired systems

.-The cameras are less expensive than most people think. In the current age the wireless systems are cheaper than their wired counterparts. Considering that wireless system will require less installation needs, many people are now choosing them for use in their offices.
.-The images captured with a CCTV camera are clearer as compared with other images.
- Today, most people are choosing the wireless systems due to their ability to produce good images which makes it easier to identify faces and any another physical characteristic. You can achieve good security research within the organization. With the systems in place the security officers will easily monitor all activities and get any suspicious behavior while at the same time gets the face of the person behaving strangely.
.-The system will not be prone to any failure. The systems will use wireless technology to accomplish their tasks. The systems that use wire technology may fail due to a person cutting the wire. But with the wireless system even the cleverest thief will be unable to circumvent the camera by interfering with the connections. The only thing that can slow down the system operation is ripping the entire system out of place.


.-Wireless cameras are vulnerable to hoaxing and hacking through the internet. The criminals may hack into a facilities surveillance and observe all the relevant measures therefore facilitating criminal acts.
.-Non professionals may face difficulties when dealing with the systems. Some cameras like the wireless cameras will require some complicated settings like IP address router setting, DDNS and port forwarding.
.-The system installation is expensive
.-If you set them up in the wrong places they will fail to work as expected.
.-They tend to interfere with the workers privacy.
.-There is no standardization as various IP cameras will encode videos differently or will use a different programming interface. Therefore you can only deploy a particular model using a compatible recording solution.

How to select a good CCTV camera

- Evaluate the needs of your business. You will need to identify why you need the cameras and where to use them.
. Select the type of camera. Depending on your business need, you may select between a black and white or a colored camera or a wired or wireless system.
.-Select the quality and the type of the imaging chip in the camera. A CCTV camera will produce images with use of CMOS or CCD. Very low priced cameras will use CMOS which produce low quality images.
.-Get an understanding on the light level. Light is measured in LUX and the less the amount the less it will take to produce a clear image.
.-Understand the resolution as a camera with a higher resolution will produce a sharper image.
.-Select a good monitor that will match the cameras.
. Select the system recorders. You can select the digital video recorder or DVR which is the best quality and records in hard drives.

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