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What Is The Best Security Camera For Home Use In Singapore?

People of Singapore maintain quite a hectic life outside their homes most of the time. It makes them quite concerned about the security of their homes. As they don’t stay at their houses most of the times, they leave their maid to take care of their house. They hire baby sitters for their babies and they are care nurse for elderly people of their homes. This is why they need to keep an eye on their homes. Even if some people don’t hire maid for their household works, they need security camera because they should monitor their homes for the fear of theft and burglary. As these situations make it inevitable to install security cameras in your homes, you should know which cameras you should consider perfect for your home security. There are a number of cameras available for home surveillance. There are a number of agencies which offer the installation and maintenance of the cameras. You should have the proper knowledge while choosing cameras and agencies. Here are the cameras that you should consider for your home security.


1. IP camera

IP cameras are the perfect cameras for your home security. These cameras come with high definition technology. The pictures of these cameras are rated in terms of megapixels. You are going to get the clear picture of everything that the camera records. You can see every minute detail through this camera including the exact colour. This camera makes sure that you are not going to miss anything. These cameras are infrared enables which let those capture clear picture during the night time. You can use these cameras in different parts of your home.

a) IP camera in the living room

These cameras should be placed in your living room or at the main door for the purpose of living room surveillance. By placing the camera in your living room you can monitor any activity in your living room and by placing the camera at the entrance of your living room, you can be able to mark any possible break-in by others. This place is the perfect one to monitor activities of your maid, children and the elderly people of your home.

b) IP camera in your kitchen

Kitchen room is the most vulnerable place in your house. If you or your maid might have left the stove on, you can able to know about that. Stove is the main reason because of which most of the accidents happen. You can not only know about what happened but also you can be able to prevent any mishaps if you are monitoring all the events for the time being.

c) IP camera in the dining room

Dining room is the favorite area of the kids where they tend to play. Kids are seen running all the time from one place to another in the house during which they pass through the dining area. You can be able to see if anything happens to your kids during their playtime.

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d) IP cameras are suitable for the hallway and the kid’s room

Hallway of your house is the perfect place through which people enter your home including you. By installing the IP cameras in the hallway, you will be able to monitor the activities of intruders inside your home while entering. Kids’ room is a place where kids have all of their toys. They stay in that room. If you wish to see them while you are away you can see them live. Apart from that you can also know about any mishaps in the kid’s room.

2. Day and night outdoor cloud camera

This camera works perfectly if you install it outside your home especially at the entrance. These cameras are specially enabled to record clear picture of the dark environments during the night hours. You can monitor everything from the outside. These cameras work on wireless devices. The device recording the footage is kept inside your home. These cameras are connected live 24*7. You can be able to foil the attempts of any intruders or burglars by seeing them at the moment. The best thing about these cameras is that you can be able to see all the activities happening outside your home with the help of your smartphone.

It is very good to choose these two types of cameras for your overall home surveillance. The security camera that you choose should have the perfect specifications to suit your needs. Now again you have to pick the cameras that have the desired specifications along with quality. For that reason, you need to consider different factors those are going to help you with choosing the perfect camera for you home security. Here are the factors in detail.

1. Footage quality

A camera that you choose should have the capability to choose good footage. There is no point of installing a camera that doesn’t record good quality footage. For further perfection, you should verify whether the cameras capture the footages with perfect colour.

Security Camera For Home

2. Getting good cameras within budget

You should make price considerations while purchasing a good security camera for your house. You should visit the stores of various CCTV service providing agencies to ask them about the cameras for your house. Then you can ask them about the price. Then you need to compare the price of those cameras which various camera prices listed in e-commerce websites. You can also check the price of those cameras in the retail stores outside.

3. Try to know about the customer experience of a particular camera

You can be able to know about a camera perfectly from the customer reviews. You should read the trusted reviews posted by the customers. It is needless to say that you should pick the cameras with god customer response. By reading the reviews, you will not get a broad idea but also you can reach at decisions.

4. The brand always matters

It is obvious that you should consider various reputed brands which are famous in Singapore and all round the world for providing the best technology in the field of security and surveillance.


It is always good to hire an agency to recommend you the best possible cameras suitable for your home security. You should have knowledge to know whether the recommendations are correct or not.

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