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Can We Install CCTV In Our Living Room & Kitchen?

Singapore homeowners are increasingly installing CCTV systems in their homes. Surveillance cameras are not used only in businesses any longer. Apart from safety and security reasons inside their home, another reason for this increasing trend is the shocking reports of nannies, child minders, and maids ill-treating young children.


In addition to that, is the concern of criminal activities in residential areas including vandalism and burglaries. Homeowners find it infinitely convenient as well as justifiable to use surveillance cameras. This gives them the ideal opportunity to gather substantial evidence of any suspected wrongdoing while they are not at home themselves.

Other top reasons why homeowners opt for CCTV is to keep an eye on unusual worker activities when electricians, plumbers, etc. are working inside their homes and they are not familiar with the workers used. Even parents with excessively mischievous children, in particular teenagers, like to monitor activities, which might be unacceptable.

What Singaporeans often do not know or realize is that it is against the law to use surveillance cameras in certain areas of their home. Therefore the question from Singapore residents; is against Singapore legislation to install CCTV in living rooms and kitchens?

Places where Singapore legislation do not allow surveillance in homes are:

· Bedrooms
· Bathrooms
· Toilets
· Change rooms

Public areas of homes where CCTV systems could safely be installed include:

· Dining rooms
· Living rooms
· Lounges
· Kitchens
· Verandas
· Patios
· Outdoor areas

Living Room CCTV

Other stipulations of Singapore legislature on CCTV systems require that homeowners inform maids, workers and the individuals living in their home of the installed devices. For example, if you get someone who work in your home it is your responsibility to inform such worker that they are under surveillance whatever the reason.

This alert them adequately against any possible wrongdoing and if they should be caught in wrongdoing, you have grounds in holding them legally accountable. Should any untoward activity happen in your home such as vandalism, break in etc. you will be adequately protected when you have evidence against perpetrators.

Singaporean parents are increasingly paranoid in hiring a maid to look after little children, therefore the incasing amount of CCTV being installed, especially in living rooms and kitchens. Parents nonetheless often worry about the negative impact it could have on the relationship between employer and maid when installing CCTV.

However this is for the protection of helpless children when installing for that reason and there is no right or wrong answer on whether you should install a system or not. It is a decision most Singaporeans take on a daily basis. Some helpful advice is to inform your maid of the intention to install CCTV for safety and security reasons if she already works for you. When you employ someone after installing surveillance, inform them of these systems, and advise them that you want them to take care of the children in those areas.

Anyone who works for you before or after installing CCTV in your public places such as your living room and kitchen will be aware of being watched and if they have honorable intentions, they will not mind being watched with your precious children. The main reason why many people frown upon the use of CCTV in homes is the social outlook on invasion of privacy. However, more households have both parents; working and homes are left empty for many hours. Apart from the sake of children, the safety and protection of your valuables are another top priority.

Kitchen CCTV

Homeowners hiring cleaners, workers, etc. do not always check reliability, references, and going with instinct itself do not always prove to be accurate. Installing CCTV in homes should be looked upon in exactly the same manner than in offices and businesses. Business owners check on offices and workers in ensuring their safety, but also to ensure higher productivity and to improve profitability. The same applies to homes, homeowners wants to ensure safety and security at home, as well as productivity of staff employed at home. The safety and well-being of children are therefore not the only reason why you should install CCTV at home.

Are you a homeowner who loves entertaining, can afford a chef or cook and staff for functions and private parties? Do you have any idea what is happening in your kitchen at all times? You do not have to suspect anyone before you decide to install surveillance of any kind. Prevention and taking precaution are two very important aspects that CCTV have and which most wished they had taken after they discover something untoward has happen after the fact.

Homeowners who often get house guests or have children bringing friends over while parents are at work, also love the peace of mind they get by monitoring what is happening while they are either at work or in another room. Grown children taking in their elderly parents also need peace of mind that all is well at home, whilst they are at work.

Use a respected CCTV Company in Singapore to assess your home, the areas where you want to install your CCTV and you will always know what is happening inside your home. You get various different types of surveillance cameras and security systems and CCTV systems and you will find a system tailored to your individual needs, budget, and home.

CCTV or Closed Circuit Television continues to grow in the Singaporean market and especially in homes, flats, and condominiums. An increasing amount of parents trust on maids to look after their children and when children cannot defend or speak for themselves, their safety could be at risk. Parents away from home do not want to subject children to possible mistreatment or abuse.

If you are still wondering whether you should install CCTV in your living room, kitchen, or other public areas in your home, we hope you found this content useful. Use a reliable contractor, inform your staff working inside your house, as well as the occupants living inside your home, go to work on a daily basis, feeling secure, and leave your house protected and children safe and unharmed. Feel safe and secure; monitor what is happening regularly from your pc, laptop, or even smartphone from outside your house.

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