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Pros & Cons On Smart Tracking PTZ

Choosing the right model of security cameras for your home or your business is a serious decision. If not chosen properly, your property might be in danger from various intruders. With good and reliable Smart Tracking PTZ cameras, you can be few steps in front of the intruders. This means that you can stop the trespassing and protect your property.

Smart Tracking PTZ cameras are the new technology that will help you to keep your home or business safe. These cameras can center different targets in the area. With the special device, you will be able to move the camera around and to zoom on desired person or object. This allows you to have a view on details in the area.
Most Smart Tracking PTZ cameras can zoom in up to 36 times. Some of them even have the possibility of motion tracking. This means that your camera will detect the movement in the area.


The quality and the price

Pros: The first thing that we should mention is the quality of Smart Tracking PTZ camera. They are constructed out of quality material and are programmed to do their job as best as they can. It’s a small chance that you will have any problems with them. They are user-friendly, and you will manage to deal with them. With the right controller, you will be able to move the camera around and scan the area. If you find something suspicious, you can zoom to see it. There is even a possibility of recording the view, so you can use it later for analysis.

Cons: The first flaw of this camera that we are going to mention here is the price. Smart Tracking PTZ security cameras are a lot more expensive than the regular varifocal or fixed cameras. This is due to their incredible features, so you need to invest some money to get the perfect camera. You need to invest even more if you want night vision. The price of the single camera with the night vision can cost you up to $1990! However, if you search well you can find cheaper models. Consider this price a serious investment. After all, the camera is a lot cheaper than the value of the things that intruders can take or damage.


The installation

Pros: The installation of the Smart Tracking PTZ might be tricky, but you will be able to do it in a short time notice. These cameras are larger than the usual ones, so they will need a stable power supply. However, this means that you won’t find any errors during the work of the camera. Many cameras even come with their own power supply. Your job is to place them where do you think they are most needed.

Cons: You will need to maintain these cameras. We have mentioned that malfunction is rare, but that only if they are regularly maintained. This will cost you some extra time and money, but keep in mind that properly working camera can save you a fortune.

The control of the camera

Pros: If you want to control the camera, the easiest way is to use on-screen buttons. You can also use UI of your PSS Software or mobile application if you tend to move a lot. This is a good thing for security guards. They don’t need to sit in the office whole time but they can cruise around while checking the cameras on their mobile phones.

Cons: As we have mentioned, there is a possibility of a special joystick that can control the camera. However, you will have to buy it separately, because it doesn’t come in the package with the camera. This means that you will have to spend some money, again.

Smart Tracking PTZ


Pros: If we talk about efficiency of Smart Tracking PTZ security cameras, we can say only the best. These gadgets will serve you well in the protection of your property. They are easy to use, and they are highly efficient. Imagine that you need a reliable video of some event that you need to check. You just have to see what your camera has recorded.

Cons: The same scenario goes here. Imagine that something has happened and that you need a video of that event. You go to check what your PTZ camera has recorded. Then you realize that while something was going on, the camera was looking in the other direction. However, this is not caused by some malfunction but a misfortune, and you can’t do anything to change this.

Auto Tracking Possibility

Pros: We have also mentioned that there is a possibility of Auto Tracking. Yes, this camera can capture a person and follow it around the area. This can be of great use because you can see if a suspicious person was planning something that could harm you. You can also analyze the recording and see the cause of some damage done. We thought that this was only possible in video games and films, but now there is a possibility that we use this magnificent feature too.

Cons: However, some things are not designed properly. The camera will usually track the biggest object in the view. This means that your camera can track a suspicious guy, but then get drawn by a big lady that walks by. Another thing here is the tour model problem. The camera cannot detect the motion if it’s in constant move, which reduces the safety possibilities.


Smart Tracking PTZ security cameras are security devices that can track, record and zoom on the suspected person. They are the newest security technology. You can use your computer or your mobile to manipulate them, or you can buy a specially designed joystick. These cameras can zoom up to 36 times, and they can track the motion in the view. However, they do have some minor flaws. The first one is the price and the fact that you will also have to pay for joystick and night vision. On the other hand, you can watch it as an investment in your safety because this camera will surely be of a great use to you.

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