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How To Install CCTV For Office?

Office, business, and home security is one of the key things that people living in Singapore are concerned of. Indeed, as the population explodes, crime rates increase in a similar rate. Quite often, you will hear in news bulletin that burglars have broken into school institutions, colleges, business premise, offices, and homes; and they have walked away with properties and other valuables. Well, this is quite unfortunate and the solution such a vice is inevitable. The good news is that, with advancement in technology and alarm systems, you can appropriately secure your property. The good news is that you can secure your office or home by installing devices that allows you to monitor it on real time or recorded for future reference. You must have heard of CCTV, commonly referred to as closed circuit television.


A CCTV is an electronic device that allows homeowners and office security personnel to videotape a given area of interest on real time (if you have an IP CCTV) or recorded if it has DVR (Digital Video Recorder). As stated in the introductory section, sometimes these outstanding cameras are linked to warning or alarm systems, which triggers the emergency contacts that calls emergency response team or the police.

The task of installing any CCTV device on your office seem daunting, but if you have basic skills with simple procedural steps and correct equipment, then it can be quite simple. Nevertheless, it is unfortunate to learn that many people do not know to install these devices. If this has been your concern, then worry no more as the goods is unveiled herein. Without further ado, the following are eminent:

Step by step CCTV installation procedure for your office

Before unveiling a simple procedure on how install a CCTV, it is inevitable that you choose the best device for your situation. Indeed, there are many CCTV cameras in the Singapore market, each comes with specific features, pros, and cons. You are advised to research further on the best that suits your needs and decide on one of the below:
· Wireless CCTV cameras
· Wired CCTV cameras
· Night vision CCTV cameras
· Indoor and outdoor CCTV cameras
· Motion detection cameras
· Remote viewing CCTV cameras (IP cameras)
· Dome CCTV cameras
· Bullet CCTV cameras
· C-mount CCTV cameras
· High definition (HD) CCTV cameras
· And many more

Install CCTV

Once you have right device's, you probably need to proceed with the installation process. But, before installation, you have to confirm that you have all the proper equipment for installation. When you are purchasing your preferred device, you have to make sure that it comes with all the items included in a CCTV package. For instance, most CCTV packages contains camera and the necessary cords. Other packages will include some sort of remote control, added cords, player to view the tapes, and many more. However, if the camera you had purchased does not include cords, then you should plan to purchase the standard CCTV installation cords, mostly the RG59 cables. Equally, you must have the right equipment needed for installation, which include drill, screwdriver, screws, and many more.

The idea of drilling pores through the walls of your office to run video and power cables might seem daunting and challenging. Here below is how to install a CCTV for office:

Step #1. Get a CCTV complete package

The first step for installing your camera is to ensure that the camera package you had purchased came with everything you just needed. This should include camera's, DVR, and cords.

Step #2. Select the place you would like to mount the camera

Selecting the right position to place your camera's is investable. Of course, the best position will entirely depend on where you would total coverage. In most cases, it is preferable if you could install your camera's close to the office entry points (front and back doors) since that is one of the major places that allows access to your office.

Step #3: Position your camera's to get a maximum scan

As stated in the introductory section, one of the major reasons for installing a CCTV is to monitor your office or premise. However, you might fail to achieve this objective if your camera spans a limited area. Therefore, positioning your camera's appropriately is one of the steps that is inevitable. In other words, you should your camera's should span a reasonable coverage. It is advisable that you position your camera at points where the roof meets the office walls, perhaps at the corners. Indeed, this allows the camera's to span a nice sized area as well as sheltering your device from sun, wind, rain, or snow. Generally, cameras positioned appropriately are rarely vandalized.

Install CCTV For Office

Step #4. Camera mounting

When you the most appropriate idea of where to place your camera's, it is the time to start mounting it on the wall's. If you have purchased hard-wired camera, then you have to run cords through the wall from the camera to the office.

Step #5. Connect to the monitor

After running the cords through the walls, you probably need to have an access of all the cameras at one designated point. In other words, you need to connect it with a monitor or DVR. Ideally, display devices are placed anywhere, but it should be a place restricted to security personnel.

Step #6. Power the cameras

Once you have correctly wired all the devices, you probably need to see if it is working as expected; it is the time to power. Ideally, this is one of the simplest step during CCTV installation-you just need to plug it into the power. One thing that you have to note is that CCTV cameras can be damaged easily if there is insufficient DC power supply. Therefore, you are advised to check and ascertain the power requirements before plugging the camera's into the power supply. Once you have powered everything (camera's and DVR), it is expected that it works appropriately.


A closed circuit television is one of the many ways that keeps your office secured. Since there are many available options of CCTV's in the market, you are advised to decide on the best to use at your office. If you follow the aforementioned steps to the latter, your camera's will installed correctly.

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