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PanoVu Series Panoramic Cameras Review

Security is among the most important sectors in the Singapore since without it, nothing can run smoothly and it will affect all other aspects of life. It is therefore quite necessary to take all the measures and steps to have a proper system that makes security its top priority. Fortunately, the top video surveillance company in the world, Hikvision, has developed the best CCTV surveillance camera that takes care of all these security needs. This is the PanoVu Series Panoramic Camera that combines different movement sensors into one unit and provides detailed images. In fact this product from the PanoVu Series is so good that it has received recognition from various organizations globally, and more especially the iF Design Award for its excellent design.

Cameras Review

Purpose of CCTV surveillance

It is not easy to track down movements of people and objects in large areas by physical eyes as it can get tiring and be biased. The best way to do this is through surveillance cameras that are mounted onto walls, corners and posts and capture all sorts of movement. There has been an increase in the use of surveillance cameras especially in areas that require monitoring of all movements due to security issues. These places include;
• Stadiums
• Banks
• Airports
• Bus stations
• Car parking zones
• City centers
• Offices
• Casinos
• Roads and highways

Unique features of these Panoramic Cameras

The Panoramic Camera has its special features that make it different from other surveillance cameras enabling it to cover a large area with multiple sensors integrated into a single unit. These features include the following.

From smartphones to smart televisions

Everything is now smart’ and so is the PanoVu Series Panoramic Camera that has smart tracking that enables it to track several targets at the same time covering a wider scope. The codes for this tracking are both manual and auto meaning that they can be input by someone or be programmed to automatically track down all movements within the range. Moreover, this smart tracking links the Panoramic camera to an additional PTZ tracking camera, providing extra magnification of the images captured by the camera.

Cameras Review

The camera is also connected to the power source

And the Ethernet that links all the connected camera networks via a single cable. This prevents the need for a lot of unnecessary cables that are used when installed the other types of surveillance cameras.

It possesses the latest aperture lens from Hikvision

Referred to as the Dark Eye Super because of its extraordinary ability of capturing quality images that are well detailed. Moreover, the lens is able to produce colorful images of high resolution even in little light making it very effective at any time, even at night.

The camera is available in two forms

Combine into one that give it a 180 to 360 degree coverage; the 180 degree is achieved through eight megapixels in four sensors while eight sensors are used to provide 360 degree images.

Once programmed well, these Panoramic Cameras

Are able to detect all sorts of movements such as people trespassing restricted territories, detection of intrusion and movements within strategic entrance and exit points in places that require security monitoring in large scale.

Cameras Review

What to consider when installing Panoramic Cameras

One may have the Panoramic Cameras but if they are not properly installed then they will not serve their purpose well and pose a security threat. The individual or company delegated that duty of installation should ensure that the cameras cover the maximum area of that space without the use of many cameras. These cameras should be fixed at strategic positions, notably the entrance and exits points, not to mention any hidden ones that are not known to many and especially the public in Singapore. On the contrary, these hidden passages may be what amounts to theft and forbidden entry into specific places, minimizing security. Other factors to consider are the costs of installation and the quality of the material. Ensure that you get your PanoVu Series Panoramic cameras from certified suppliers and expect to get a warranty on purchase. Moreover, you should not be conned into spending more than you ought to as these Panoramic Cameras are designed to be affordable to as many people as possible.

Advantages of using these Panoramic Cameras

Since they have multiple sensors integrated into one unit, they are able to replace the many cameras that are placed at different places but reach the same scope as the Panoramic Cameras. This will also save on costs of installing these many cameras that serve the same function. They are quite durable as they can be used in a variety of weather conditions and environments as the material used to make these cameras are of high quality. So whether it is raining, sunny or there is a harsh wind, the cameras are still able to capture quality images, unlike other surveillance cameras. They are installer friendly as they are quite easy to handle especially for professional surveillance companies that have training in this field. They also come with a manual of instructions of its use, installation and maintenance. Additionally, the Panoramic Cameras have been approved and certified for use making them conducive and one does not need to deal with authorities inquiring whether the cameras comply with health and safety policies.

Challenges of using these Panoramic Cameras

Although these cameras have a lot of benefits to using them, they also have some demerits when comparing them with other types of surveillance cameras. They may have problems with bandwidth and transmission of information since they only use a single cable to link it with the power source as well as to the Ethernet. In that effect, there may even be an overload of this transmission since it is centralized at one point. Moreover, these cameras are quite easy to stop due to their size and may make suspicious people be more aware of their actions as they will tend to act normal as long as they know they are within the camera reach, making it difficult to track down all movements.


It is clearly evident that the best way to ensure the security for both public places and private residences in Singapore is through the use of PanoVu Series Panoramic Cameras that are designed to monitor all types of movements at any time of the day or night, in any sort of weather and having the best surveillance system that anyone would desire.

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