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Are Security Cameras An Invasion Of Privacy?

It goes without saying that CCTV Cameras have significantly helped to improve security in and around premises and homes. Virtually all businesses and offices in Singapore have security cameras in various entry and exit points. Most people argue that increasing the number of cameras in buildings and streets is effective in combating terrorism and other illegal activities. Some companies have even gone a step further to install them in individual offices in a bid to monitor performance and the employees.

Despite the huge impact that these cameras have on the society, it is important to ensure that they do not infringed privacy and rights of your neighbors. For instance, installing a camera inside an apartment without the consent of the owner is wrong and can lead to a legal tussle. Based on this fact, it is prudent for ensure that the cameras are installed in strategic places to avoid such issues. Luckily, there are a number of professionals who have the skill and ability to make diligent and professional decisions on where to install a camera whether in your office or at the parking lot.

Security Camera

Let us proceed and look at the different types of surveillance cameras in the market today.

Dome Cameras

This is one of the most common types of security or surveillance camera in the world. They have a unique dome-shaped housing that makes them very unobtrusive and visible to the general public as compared to the smaller discreet model. Dome cameras are an ideal choice for retail premises and other premises where you do not have to worry about compromising privacy of the people who walks in.

Discreet Cameras

As the name suggests, this are less conspicuous as compared to the dome cameras. This is because they are much smaller in size hence you might not even notice them unless someone point them out. They are commonly used in premises that need to maintain high security detail without arousing attention. For example, there are some storage facilities in Singapore that have hundreds of discreet cameras in all entry and exit points to the facility.

Bullet CCTV Camera

This is basically a wall or ceiling mounted unit that is particular designed for use inside the house. It has a sleek, cylindrical and thin shape that makes them totally different from the conventional models in the market. Advancement in technology has led to development of waterproof bullet cameras that can withstand harsh outdoor weather conditions. It is also important to note that this model is designed to capture some images from a fixed are or room as it does not have a tilt/zoom or pan control features.

Network IP Cameras

They are made using the latest technological advancements. Unlike other cameras that transmit images and videos through wires, this one does so over internet. The geniuses have incorporated feature which enables it to automatically compress bandwidth when transmitting data to avoid overwhelming the website IP. Mostly people who use them attest to the fact that they are much easy to installed than analog camera and can capture quality images for a long distance.

High Definition Camera

This are considered as niche market cameras as they are pretty expensive as compared to other types in the market. Due to their third generation features, users can be able to comfortably zoom images with extreme clarity even in dimly-light areas such as night clubs and casinos. The best have the capacity to transmit images using HD cctv technology.

Security Camera

Wireless Camera

First, it is important to point out that not all wireless cameras are IP-based. The designers have successfully come up with alternative wireless data transmission method. Just like IP- based cameras, you do not need to rewire your house to install them. Also, they can be moved from one location to another easily.

Day/Night Camera

These are security cameras that can capture images even during wee hours of the night when all outdoor lights are off. Due to their unique features, they are ideal for outdoor applications such as parking lots. The best have a wide dynamic range which enables it to function perfectly in direct sunlight and glare.

Night Vision Camera

Night vision camera has the capacity to capture some images in environments that are pitch black areas. To do this, they are fitted with IR LEDs and are perfect choice for mobile application in residential premises and basements.

Covert/Board Cameras

These are special tiny cameras that are suited for desktops and are commonly used for online video conferencing and telecommunication. Despite the small size, they are very visible and can be turned off at any time.

Varifocal Camera

They are fitted with modern Varifocal lens that enables zooming in and out while can still maintain focus of the image. They are best suited for indoor application as some harsh outdoor conditions can compromise functionalism of the lens.

Security Camera

Outdoor Cameras

They have a more sturdy housing that protects the camera from insects, moisture, dust and other elements that can affect its functioning negatively. If you decide to install them in your landscape, it is imperative to ensure that you do not pry on your neighbor’s yard to avoid unnecessary confrontations. As you can see, there are different types of cameras that you can use to enhance security in and around your premises. They need to be installed by professionals for them to function perfectly. Here are some tips on how to choose surveillance camera installer.


Only hire a company or individual personnel who have a proven track record in the market to get value for your money.


The best camera installers have vast experience and skills. Hence, they have capacity to install your preferred camera correctly and a strategic position where it can capture quality images.

Legal Accredited:

There are organizations whose mandate is to ensure that all service providers in this niche abide to international standards. Hence, always hire a legally accredited camera installer who you can count on to meet your specific needs.

Bottom line

Are security cameras an invasion of privacy? Absolutely no, they actually help to improve security detail in premises. However, ensure that they are installed in areas that do not invade privacy of other people.

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