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Is It Legal To Install CCTV Camera To Monitor Maid in Singapore?

“Is it legal to install CCTV camera to monitor maid in Singapore” is a question that keeps cropping up every other day. This will be witnessed in the internet, social media, seminars, as well as through one on one discussion. The queries will also come from different quarters. The sources include parents and guardians who are concerned about the welfare and safety of their children. House helps informally known as “maids” also seek answers regarding their freedom and snooping into their privacy. Other people asking the same question include human rights activists, legal fraternities, as well as social welfare groups.

 Is It Legal To Install CCTV To Monitor Maid In Singapore?

Why People Ask the Question

The modern lifestyle has greatly changed. Life has become a buzz of activity. We are ever on the move hence have little or no time in our hands. Unfortunately, we still have to raise kids in the same environment. Since as parents we have no time, we find it ideal to seek the services of a house help, nanny, or if you like maids. However, in the recent past, unfortunate incidences have occurred. This has left many parents worried. For instance, children have disappeared from their homes. The child’s behavior has also changed for the worse. In some instances children have had unexplainable injuries. Such reasons plus many more have led parents and guardians to install CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) cameras at home.

Is It Legal To Install The CCTV Camera?

Tackling the legality of installing CCTV at the home has always been a thorny issue. This is based on the sensitive aspects it touches on. First, we are talking about the right of privacy and freedom of movement. This will apply to the maid or house help. Secondly, we are also addressing the welfare and protection of children. Thirdly, parents and guardians are also mandated by the constitution to offer protection to their children. Finally, all the parties involved are also covered by the same constitution. The legality of the topic will also vary from region to another depending on their constitution.

Legal Perspective of Installing a CCTV Camera in Singapore

If you are asking whether it is legal to install a CCTV camera in a home in Singapore, then the answer is YES. A parent is allowed to use any gadgets or appliances that will help him /her protect his home or children. In addition, if the installation of the gadgets will improve life and security then it is okay to do so. However, the installation of the CCTV cameras should not in any way interfere with another person’s rights or freedom. In our case, the cameras should not water down the maid’s privacy. Doing so will be contravening the law. Therefore, you can always install a camera in the home as long as you do not interfere with your maid’s private life.

Why Install The CCTV Cameras In The First Place?

CCTV cameras have been around for quite some time. However, the number of installation has sharply increased in the recent past. Other than just being used for security purposes, many homeowners are specifically targeting their maids. Advantages of installing cameras include the following:

· Protect your property

However much we try to exercise caution when hiring a maid, we can never be guaranteed of the person’s character. People have been robbed by their trusted maids. To minimize the chances of this happening or increasing chances of recovery, it is important to consider installing a camera.

· Safeguard your Children

A few months, media stations, the internet, as well as YouTube was running stories and videos of children being mistreated. Some children were bashed on the head; others were dropped accidentally, while some were left to cry themselves out. If you do not want this to happen to your kid, then you may need to install a CCTV camera.

· Ensure the home runs smoothly

With so much in our hands, it becomes almost impossible to monitor what goes around the home. Fortunately, a CCTV camera gives you a chance to rerun the days happenings hence ensuring all things are in order.

Having answered whether it is legal to install CCTV camera to monitor maid in Singapore, you should then take the next step to have one fitted by a professional and reputable company in the region. When done correctly, you will always have peace of mind knowing that your home and child is in good hands.
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