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6 Helpful Tips on CCTV Installation

For many years, the process of installing a CCTV can be a challenging task for those without tips. The following are some of the tips that you need to know when installing a CCTV; 

6 Helpful Tips On CCTV Installation

1. You must know the camera power
You should use only the regulated power supplies with high tolerance. You should ensure that it is 5 percent of the needed voltage. In addition, you need to ensure that the camera capacity is 40 percent of the needed power supply if you want to prevent voltage loss and overheating. You need also use power cable of a suitable thickness that prevents the voltage drops that can run long distance. You should also ensure that polarity of connecting power supply to the camera. Make sure that the camera has proper cooling or even ventilation for the power supplies. You should also avoid operation of the CCTV equipment on same power circuit as compressors, elevators, and generators. 

2. Do proper cabling
You should avoid running the video cable parallel to the AC power cables, especially the ones with high current. You should never allow the RG59U Co-Ax runs to exceed 200m for the colour and 350m for the B/WA. You should also avoid any sharp bends when doing your cables. Avoid over-tightening of the cable-ties by doing a wire-stripping using crimping tool. Make sure that you crimp the BNC Connectors properly using a Rubber BNC Boots. You should also label data signal cables as well as camera with a UV-proof before installing surge protection devices 

3. Test before Installation
You should test all the equipment prior installation. This means that you need to ensure that you all the sub-sections of the entire installation process works before doing a complete installation. You should ensure that all mounting brackets of the outdoor domes are sealed properly to prevent the condensation in camera after installation. You can also use CAT-5 or EIA rated RS232/422/485cabling for PTZ communication.

Please ensure that you have sufficient space for the camera, connectors and lens when choosing camera housing. You should also avoid direct sunlight to the equipment since this might raise the temperature thus reducing its lifespan. You need to position cameras in places where they cannot be reached by the thieves or even the frauds. You should also avoid installing the cameras too high above in preventing the images of 'top-of-head' video. Never forget to have a connecting power by ensure supply is a 12VDC regulator. 

4. You should take in time lapse VCR considerations
You should time lapse VCR considerations by servicing of the VCR and this will ensure a continued operation to give you quality recordings. This will enable you record quality pictures that enables you to improve the security of your home. This will also ensure that you preserve of the original content especially in starting, stopping or even pausing the tape. 

5. You must do proper wireless video transmission
A wireless video transmission is important if you want to do a proper installation in your transmitter and receiver. You also need to determine a possible source of any interference such as overhead powerlines, transformers, wireless LAN networks, or any other transmitters that will affect your power generating system. You should also avoid trees in transmission path, since this may cause interference and you can do this by ensuring proper alignment in between transmitter and the receiver. Make sure you are aware of the lightning. This will definitely help you have a perfect installation that ultimately improves the security of your home. 

6. You need to do digital video recorder consideration
It is important to connect cameras and DVR to an uninterruptable PSU by ensuring levels of 1Vp-p video input for the cameras. You need to avoid the Win98/ME operating system since this will make you have the best times. Recording should also be on the different hard drive especially to that of operating system as well as recording software. This will enable you to enjoy your security better than what other offer in the market. In addition, never forget the cost when doing your installation and this means that you have to do market research.

In conclusion, with above tips on how to install a CCTV will enable you make the best choice when doing your important measure when improving the security of your home. 

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