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Is It Legal To Install CCTV At My Restaurant?

It is absolutely legal to install CCTV cameras in your restaurant. This is because these cameras tend to act as the watch dog over your restaurant and other premises thus enabling you to have a tight surveillance over your restaurant. There are so many restaurant owners in Singapore who think that installing the surveillance device within their restaurant is illegal. There is no harm in doing so because you are just protecting your restaurant against theft or any impending attacks such as terrorist attacks.


The following are some of the reasons why you should install your restaurant with a CCTV camera:

1.They are essential security devices for your restaurant
They are the essential devices that will protect and safeguard the security of your restaurant. When properly and strategically located, they can guarantee the best security. With the emergence of global criminals that can manoeuvre easily to restaurants without being noticed, CCTV surveillance cameras are definitely the best security and surveillance alternatives that will offer the best security for restaurants. They are perhaps the best devices that the law cannot prohibit. They are the most reliable security tools that should be installed by all restaurant owners.

2.They are reliable and most trusted security devices
CCTV surveillance is reliable and convenient to use. This is because they can be trusted if installed properly by the trusted suppliers. They cannot take bribes or even collude with criminals. They will always capture the real occurrences and scenarios. They are just like the eyes of the restaurant owner and will always produce what they recorded and captured without fear or favor. They are the best and most reliable sources of alibi that can be used in law enforcement agencies in Singapore. So long as they are installed for security reasons, the law does not prohibit the installation of CCTV in restaurants.


3.They capture each and every detail within your restaurant
When properly installed, they can capture virtually all the details thus giving your restaurant ultimate security. Unlike human beings, these cameras can capture every detail and every move of the criminals that are trying to break into your restaurant. In case your guards are trying to collude with the criminals then cameras will tell it all. They can monitor every corner of your restaurant thus they cannot be outwitted by the criminals unlike the security guards who are easily identified and outwitted by criminals. The CCTV cameras can help restaurant owners to trace every detail and even trace the damages caused by the intruders. Even though there may be security guards, a combination of the two can give the best evidence and absolute safety for your restaurant. Closed Circuit Television frequently known as CCTV is the best security solution for your restaurant that you cannot do away with it within your restaurant. They actually simplify your presence within your restaurant. As a restaurant owner, you can sleep without worries knowing that you have entrusted the security of your restaurant in safe hands. So far they have been highly advocated for and it is actually not illegal to install them just like how you can install them within your home and offices.

4.They cannot be easily identified by criminals
CCTV cameras are the best security devices when properly installed and strategically placed. This is solely because they cannot be identified easily be criminals. This means that you should always go for a good company with proper reputation to install your cameras. When they are placed in the best hidden places, they can actually capture everything without the consent of the criminals. This will help you in collecting all the pieces of information that will lead to the arrest of criminals. Law allows restaurant owners to use these cameras in their restaurant so as to help safeguard their businesses and the interest of the customers. Images captured by the cameras can be used in the legal system in Singapore to bring criminals to book. This means that the law also relies on CCTV cameras to open charges against suspected criminals thus they are legal and highly advocated for. Installing these cameras on your restaurant in Singapore is not illegal so long as they are servicing the best interest of the customers are strictly meant for security reasons and nothing more or less. It is important to note that these cameras should be installed by the right company that will never expose the locations of your cameras to criminals. Doing this will give the ultimate desired security outcomes that will meet your needs as a CCTV, restaurant owner. 


5.They are 24/7 eyes on your restaurant
Installing these cameras in your business gives you a total assurance that everything is catered for because they will always capture everything regardless of time or darkness. They are just like permanent eyes that cannot blink or doze because they are always taking every detail. Unlike the security guards that can get exhausted, these cameras will always are on standby thus the most effective security tools. They are actually the most effective security tools that will give you an assurance of maximum security at all times. If they are properly located they can be a hundred percent effective in your restaurant. This is one of the reasons as to why there is no law against the installation of these effective devices. Unlike security guards, once installed there are no extra cost that you will be needed to incur. Unless when they are tampered with, they can be the best source of evidence even in law. This is why the law allows restaurant owners in Singapore to utilize these security devices within their premises and restaurant. They are the ultimate security gadgets for your restaurant.

Therefore it is important to note that CCTV cameras are the best security surveillance that should be installed strategically by the trusted suppliers to give the best security for restaurant and its customers. It is not illegal to install these security tools in your restaurant thus there is no need to panic whether they are legal or not.

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