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IR Dome Camera Review

As many of you are most likely aware of, Singapore has seen its share of crime in the past and there's a good chance there will be more in the future. Unfortunately, we can't always get away from crime, however, we now have the ability to bring the criminals to justice with photographic and video evidence, or even, prevent the crime from happening in the first place. 


Security camera technology has come a long way. Consider the blurry and difficult to see security videos from the 1980s and 90s, then compare them to the crisp, coherent security footage of today. Thanks to latest security CCTV technology, also known as, closed circuit television, the video and sound resolution has been improved incredibly.

Allowing for a clean and easy installation while providing more advanced features than that of previous security systems is the main reason many in Singapore have chosen to pursuit the CCTV route , as appose to, or on top of further security services. Seemingly, the IR Dome Camera gone one step further and has taken all the advanced features of a CCTV security system and improved them in ways proven to be beneficial for those in need of video security. Naming all the features of the IR Dome Camera could fill a novel, though, there are a few advanced features worth mentioning that have placed the IR Dome above the competition. 

Weather Resistant
For good reason, the IR Dome camera has been designed to function in some of the most testing of weather conditions. The camera boasts a weather rating of IP65. What this means is, the camera can be used outdoors, providing, the camera does not see torrential rain or long periods cold weather. The durable casing that protects the camera lens will help prevent the average rainfall or morning dew from damaging the camera. Criminals don't sleep, take sick days or snow days. Your security system shouldn't either. The IR Dome allows for twenty-four hour surveillance in most lighting conditions and with a crisp clear picture.

Night and Day Features
The IR Dome has infrared LEDs built around the lens for day and night security surveillance. The LEDs enable the camera to provide surveillance at night while you sleep and when the offices are empty. Keep in mind, criminals and vandals will not always wait for the cover nightfall. Many burglaries occur during the day when the residents of the household are at work and company employees are often too busy with their own daily jobs to even notice potential intruders to the building. With well placed IR Dome cameras around the vicinity and inside the building, every inch of the business can be surveyed for potentially threatening activity.

Easy Installation & Easy Monitoring
Home and business owners alike may be pleased to find the installation of most dome cameras is as simple as screwing it into the wall. In most, if not all cases, there will be no need to run wires through the ground or all throughout the building. The easily installed cameras can be just as easily monitored by computers and television, and for some, even on the go from their smartphone. The easy monitoring not only provides a constant piece of mind knowing your home and business is secure and removes the need of hiring security monitoring staff. It's difficult to put a price on security, though, in our society we have to. Fortunately, the IR Dome has put a low price on it.


Astonishingly, the IR Dome Camera, along with others of its class, is notably affordable for businesses and homeowners on a budget. Ranging from $60-$200 per camera this can be hundreds or even thousands cheaper than other security systems. Many dome cameras will not require a security professional and can be simply installed by anyone. Enabling you to save even further by not paying those hefty hourly rates security installers often charge. Security should be for everyone, not just those who make a substantial income. Many people in Singapore of all income levels have homes and families to protect and cannot afford the expensive security systems installed all throughout the home. The IR Dome Camera has provided people of all income levels the ability to secure their home, belongings, and above all, their family.

Where to Install the IR Dome

Now that you know the IR Dome can be utilized indoors and outdoors, day or night, and it allows for easy monitoring and installation, all for an affordable price. You may find it useful to take note of some specific areas around the business and home that will yield the best potential for capturing intruders and vandals on camera. There are certain positions in each room that will reveal the most area as possible, but we'll get into that after. Typically the areas you will want a camera installed are as followed:

-Front door
-back door
-garage door
-lobby entrance
-parking garages

Security With Versatility
The flexible mobility of the IR Dome makes placing your security camera a breeze. Finding the exact spot for the camera to take a video of a door is no longer an issue. The IR Dome allows for a three-hundred-sixty-degree turn radius and a one-hundred-eighty-degree vertical turn radius. This will allow even the inexperienced installers to place the camera in a manner that captures the desired area. Though the camera does have zoom options and the versatile turn radius's allow for an optimal view when you attempt to install any form of a security camera, it's best to position the camera on the ceiling, at least ten feet back from the surveyed area.


The Monitor System
The monitoring system for the IR Dome remains fairly simple to use and install. Once your camera devices are connected to the DVR connect the DVR to the monitor and there you have it. Some of the latest phone applications may even allow you to connect your security DVR to your smartphone and monitor any camera you wish or all cameras at once. 

The security for the people of Singapore is important. It's also important to provide the people both young and old, rich or poor, with an affordable and easy to understand means of protecting themselves, their homes, and their businesses. For the most part, the IR Dome Camera has done all that and more.

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