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Is It Illegal To Install CCTV In Corridor

Many Singapore residents have installed CCTV in corridors in their apartments in order to ward off intruders, prevent theft, keep unwanted people off their properties and to deal with difficult neighbors. Though a few know many are in fact ignorant of rule that it is illegal for residents to install CCTV camera outside their residences and flats in common areas without getting the required permission from the Housing Board authorities and town council. Police often install them with permission from town council to prevent crime in certain common areas. Town council rules prohibits the installation of CCTV in common areas such corridors and area around flats by residents of those flats. If you have to install get permission from the HDB. Permission is usually granted to residents who feel threatened by trouble-makers or when they face harassment from neighbors or outsiders.

Install CCTV In Corridor

Why do residents install CCTV's and why others object?

The main reason why other tenants object to CCTV in corridors is because they believe that their privacy is being invaded. But due to doubling of theft in Singapore in the last decade and continuing security breaches of homes in many areas the authorities are allowing the installation of certain security gadgets under certain conditions. You can install security camera inside your home or flat without violating any one's privacy. All you need to do is follow the rules specified and buy only those cameras made especially for HBD apartments in Singapore..

CCTV's can be installed outside flats under the following conditions and circumstances only:

1. The town council usually permits residents to install one camera just outside the flat facing your doorstep.
2. Permission is given only if the council feels that resident is being harassed or there are other security related issues.
3. The permission is granted to survey the area immediately outside the flat.
4. It is usually granted for a limited period of time say 6 months or until the issue - for example harassment or security threat stops or is resolved.
5. If you install more than one camera you may be asked to remove them.
Why are residents risking the authorities wrath to install CCTV's? Why have they become a necessity for many residents?

Install CCTV In Corridor

CCTV's has many potential benefits. Some of them include:
1. Security system -

The CCTV's outside your home work as early warning or security system about potential intruders. If you are away on a vacation or business trip you can home to check if you have unwanted visitors loitering around your home. You can report with video proof if there is any illegal entry into your home.

2. Illegal Harassment -

Sometime families suffer illegal harassment from moneylenders, loan shark runners and more. With a CCTV camera installed you can easily report breaches to your home's security by these folks with proof and get protection if needed.

3. Prevent robberies -

Once it was unheard of and was very rare but today thefts and robberies are becoming common in Singapore. To protect your flat from these potential problems installing CCTV acts as a deterrent. Burglars and thieves avoid such homes as they don't want to be caught on camera.

Install CCTV In Corridor

4. Protect Children -

If you are concerned that your children are being left unattended when you are away by the maid or if the children are playing unsupervised in the common areas, having a CCTV coverage of the areas gives you peace of mind. Many accidents and potential problems are prevented if mischief makers realize that there is video camera recording their activities.

But remember that though installing CCTV's in common areas has many potential benefits it is still frowned upon by neighbors who fear that you are spying on them and by authorities who feel that you are invading the privacy of other residents in the apartment block.

If you facing difficulties with neighbors or facing illegal harassment from money lenders or your home is at a higher risk from security breaches you can approach the town council for permission to install CCTV's around your property. Follow the rules and strictly buy only those cameras that are approved for HDB flats. Do not install them to record the activities of your neighbors. Keep the cameras facing away from neighbors homes. Only after taking the above precautions should you install the cameras.

Remember that if you get notice from the town council or complaints from neighbors it is better to take down those cameras that is causing problems with neighbors or town council. You can always go back to the council for permission if your problems resurface.

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