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All You Need To Know About CCTV Cameras

Crime is ever increasing in the world, and everyone is looking for the best way to medicate it. Among the most effective and efficient way of tackling insecurity is the adoption of digital security system around at home as well as your business premises. CCTV or Close-Circuit should form the main part of a powerful security system. CCTV security system is made up of lens, sensors and signal processor. Captured images from the camera are transmitted captured images to a central location either wirelessly or through wires. The images are stored and viewed in the central position.

About CCTV Cameras

Many types of security systems with different specifications are available in the market. The best CCTV depends on the mode of work such as whether you will want to use it in your commercial premises or at home. You may need a CCTV camera that can only take video, a camera that takes videos plus audio or even a hidden camera. Setting-up a CCTV camera involves designing and making a number of considerations. The camera must be able to capture all targeted area.

Factors to Consider while buying CCTV Camera:

While looking for a CCTV camera, you have to make some considerations. Most of these factors involve the components and specifications of the camera. Here are some of the considerations you have to make:

i. Lens:

Lens affects the quality of the images that the camera can capture. All the images that will be stored on the DVR are captured in the lens. It determines the distant that the camera will be able to capture the image clearly. Having a camera with the better lens can be even more than even having a camera with higher output-resolution as the lens determine the input and output are depended on the input. Some CCTV cameras include digital zooming while other features optical zoom. Optical zoom is the best choice as the digital zooming seems to degrade thel image. Optical zoom, on the other hand, seems to add new information as affect the amount of light that will be able to reach the lens.

ii. Sensor:

Various CCTV models come with sensors with different capabilities. Consider the sensor type and sensor specifications of the CCTV camera. The main type of sensors used in CCTV includes CMOS and CCD. CMOS more affordable and demand less power as compare to CCD. However, CCD is more sensitive and produces clearer images than CMOS, which can be very important for cameras for identifications. In fact, CMOS-based require more signal processing to achieve clear images. The size of the sensor is also another critical factor, as the larger the sensor, and the better quality of image it can produce. Most CCTV cameras come in two sizes; ¼ inch and 1/3 inch. ¼ inch measure 3.2 mm by 2.4 mm while 1/3 inch measures 4.8 milimiters by 3.6 mm. The larger sensor covers twice surface area as compare to the smaller one. The Large sensor can gather more light and give DSP more date to process.

About CCTV Cameras

iii. Output Resolution:

Output resolution determines the number of TV resolution that the camera can output. Camera resolution can range anywhere between 0 and 700 TVL with most cameras having between 38TVL and 54TVL. A camera with a resolution above 420 TLV is good. However, remember that output depends on the input and if the sensors and lens cannot match the output resolution, then the extra resolution will be wasted.

iv. The type of CCTV camera:

Different cameras have different shapes and sizes, and the best camera depends on your needs. The three types of cameras available in the market include Bullet Camera, Dome Camera, Day/Night CCTV. Bullet Cameras are small in sizes are perfect for where discretion is critical. Dome is a create solution in where you have to protect users from individualists as you will not be able to tell where the camera is pointing. Day/Night CCTV is the best in where 24-hour coverage is necessary.

Installing a CCTV camera:

CCTV camera installation involves drilling holes through walls and running power and video cables. Most cameras in an an-all-include package that the installation of the camera an easy work. Here is a guide on how to install CCTV camera:

i. Plan of the installation:

Before you start the process, you need to do a survey and determine the areas that you want to cover with the CCTV. Draw a diagram of the house while indicating the where you will want to place your camera. Check out the location and ensure that your camera will not be blocked by anything and provide the best view as possible.

About CCTV Cameras

ii. Purchase the materials:

Buy all the necessary equipment. You can get each camera individually or buy them as bundled security system. Materials and equipment should include cameras, DVR, cables, and pipes, among other materials. Unless you are looking to monitor a large area, a wireless camera with wall mounting stand should be able to cover all your needs.

iii. Set up the cameras:

Mount your cameras on the walls and ceilings. Some cameras feature sticky pads that help to fix the camera on the wall, however using screws to mount the cameras can be a long-term solution. All models available in the market are most the same when it come to fixing them on the wall.

iv. connect the cameras to the DVR:

DVR stores the images captured, all cameras should be connected to the DVR using appropriate cables. Pull the cables and plug them into the appropriate ports.

v. Setting up the recording device and monitor:

To view your footage, you need a recording device and a monitor. The recording device will receive all video feeds and send them to a monitor, which normally a computer’s screen.


CCTV camera offers a lot of security both at home and in business premises. Purchasing and installing CCTV camera is technical work that requires some considerations. The best camera should have a good lens and high-quality sensor. Various types and models of cameras are available in the market, and the best camera depends on your requirements.

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