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Is It Expensive To Install CCTV in Your Office?

Thousands of offices in Singapore are now installing CCTV cameras to enhance surveillance and security. Many sellers now offer attractive packages that mostly range from $300 to $1500, but some models can be expensive. The actual cost depends upon the number of cameras, type of DVR, and installation area to be covered. A technician from the company selling these systems would be able to give you a firm estimate after inspecting your building. Definitely, CCTV for office are not at all expensive!

Is It Expensive To Install CCTV In Your Office?

Today you have so many options available in different price ranges. You can easily choose the best one according to your needs and budget. Let’s have a close look at some in CCTV for office. You can use it as a reference guide for your purchase.

Beyond this list of CCTV for office, there are many other that these cameras go by, but most of them are related to the application where the camera will be used, for instance, elevator cam, front door cam, office cam, weatherproof cam, tamperproof cam, and so on.

* Bullet cameras -
A bullet CCTV for office is ceiling mounted or wall-mounted unit that is typically designed for indoor use, but can also be used for outdoor applications. They derive their name from their thin cylindrical and sleek shape. Some bullet cameras are also waterproof. They are usually not designed for tilt/pan/zoom control and can capture images only from a fixed area. This camera is mounted pointing at a specific area.

* Image dome -
These cameras get their name from their dome shaped housing in which they sit. This housing has been designed to make these cameras unobtrusive…. Not hidden or covert. Typical installations are offices and retail, where these cameras are designed to be unobtrusive, but visible. There cameras serve the dual purpose: patrons will be at ease knowing that their office is being protected whereas “bad guys” would know that hey are being watched. Units that allow their cameras to spin within the housing are known as “speed domes”.

* Infrared/Night vision cameras -
These cameras have the ability to clearly see images even in pitch dark conditions using special IR LEDs. Sometimes they are also used for mobile applications.

* Discreet cameras -
It’s a motion sensor…a smoke detector… a clock. No… the real answer is something else. Actually, these are few disguises for these convert cameras. They as sometimes characterized by the conventional CCTV cameras installed at discreet locations.

* Outdoor cameras -
The housing of these cameras is such that it is impenetrable to insects, moisture, dust and other elements. It can be installed outside the office to keep an eye.

* Day/Night cameras -
These cameras compensate for varying light conditions to allow the CCTV camera to capture images. They are mostly used in outdoor settings. For instance; in the parking lots. Sometimes these cameras have wide dynamic range and can function in direct sunlight, glare, strong backlight and reflections.

* Varifocal cameras -
These cameras have varifocal lens that allows operator to zoom out or in while maintaining sharp focus on the image.

* Network/IP cameras -
These cameras, both wireless and hardwired can transmit over the Internet by compressing the bandwidth to ensure the high speed. These cameras are easy to install than analog cameras because they do not need separate cable or any power boost to send captured images over a long distance.

* Wireless cameras -
No all wireless CCTV for office use IP technology. Some of them use other methods of wireless communication. But no matter what the transmission method is, the biggest benefit of these units is their easy installation with no need for messy wires.

* PTZ/Speed domes -
PTZ camera gives surveillance operator to move it in right or left (pan); up and down (tilt); and zoom its lens farther or closer. They are mostly used in offices and shopping centers where actual operator is monitoring the images. They have automatic pan/tilt/zoom ability where camera moves on a timed basis. They are mostly used to cover wide areas using just one camera. Sometimes they are used in sun or in poor light conditions.

* High-Definition cameras -
These cameras give operators an ability to zoom in with extreme clarity. Earlier, they were tube based analog cameras, but with digital technology their size has decreased and now they can transmit their images using HDCCTV.

* C-mount cameras -
These cameras are equipped with detachable lenses, and allow users to change them to fit different applications. For example, the standard CCTV camera lens can only cover distances of between 30 and 50ft. With C-mount CCTV cameras, it’s possible to use special lenses that can easily cover distances much beyond the 40ft.
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