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Features Of An IP Camera And An Analog Camera

Cameras have clearly made life easier, better and even more interesting. They have made it possible for people to observe ongoing footage and images for security, surveillance and investigative purposes for instance; a crime scene. However, technology is fast advancing and gadgets are replacing each other by the day. What was in style yesterday does not rank top today. Each technological escalate goes to extreme heights to create something totally new and advance than the previous version. 

Features Of An IP camera And Analog Camera

In this case, the IP camera also known as (IPC)  are product of technology which is different than Analog cameras. Both have varying features and capabilities according to the purpose they are meant for. Some perform more and better tasks than their main purpose while other cameras simply serve their intended purpose and nothing more.


This is an digital camera which means that it is in the latest cameras category. This basically means that it is technologically advanced and has new improved features. It is mostly used for surveillance purposes only. There are two types of IP cameras; Centralized IP camera which require a central NVR and decentralized IP cameras which do not require NVR. The latter is better as it can handle recording through the built in recording function which enables it to be record directly to local storage media. This includes standard network attached storage, flash drives and hard disks. On the other hand, the centralized IP camera requires a central NVR to enable it to perform recording functions, video management and alarm management. Other features on the IP camera are;

(a) IP cameras are flexible enough to be carried anywhere within an IP network.
(b) They can operate without additional power supply
(c) On a single network, two users can communicate via the two way audio
(d) It can transmit commands for PTZ cameras (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) through a single network cable
(e) Data transmission is done in a secure way via authentication and encryption methods for instance; WPA, WEP, AES, TKIP, WPA2.

Live video from IP cameras can be viewed on any computer as well as smart phones. The data recorded can be stored directly to the server onsite or offsite for future use.


They are widely used to watch live footages of certain place; buildings, industries or streets for security purposes. This can be in retail stores, traffic, vehicles, industries, parking lots and crime vulnerable areas. They can be used to identify, categorize and track items in their field of view.

Analog CCTV's have a face recognition system that enables one to clearly distinguish peoples faces. This can be done by comparing the face captured to a computerized facial database application. Analog CCTV also has the video content analysis feature that enables one to view and establish certain behavior of a person/ people on several video footage. 

The Video Content Analysis (VCA) facilitates a system to identify changes in behavior and other object such as the weather, color, speed and size. The VCA enables the alarm to go off in case a change has been noted for instance; people are noted running, a painting goes missing from a wall, the camera is spray painted or a car accident occurs.

Most CCTV's can store their recordings to a DVR either on site or offsite. The data can be stored for a specific amount of time that is preset which is later archived, deleted or overwritten

Close circuit digital photography (CCDP) is also another type of analog camera that only takes and stores recorded and high resolution photographs for surveillance purposes while the CCTV monitors live recording. The best thing about CCDP is that it can take very high resolution images of where the camera is situated which cannot be compared to taking still images on video mode.

Surveillance is vital in our homes, society as well as the streets. They can tell a thousand words just by analyzing the captured footage. The kind of surveillance camera suitable depends on the kind of location it is meant for and the intensity of footage required. Home surveillance can not compare to industrial surveillance hence determining the kind of camera needed.

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