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How To Repair Your CCTV In 6 Easy Step

Owning a CCTV in your office or home is no longer a thing of the people who live in first lane lives but everyone for it is a must have priority. Today, security and surveillance is something that everyone is considering at its best. You cannot leave your house or business at the care of nobody when a live camera can do everything for you. It may happen that your CCTV installation has experienced minor faults and the only option is for you to repair it. You are a Singaporean and you must know these things because we are all smart.

How To Repair Your CCTV In 6 Easy Steps?

The closed circuit television is always installed in places that needs full monitoring even when someone is not around because it acts as a complement security measure. One common error with CCTV’s is that it can encounter minor faults causing it to send images that are blurred thus comprising its intended purpose. It can also fail to produce any images and that does not mean that it is dead. Take a look at the following six (6) easy steps that can help you repair your CCTV when it has malfunctioned;

1. Is Your Power Specification OK?
It is a MUST for you to supply the specified voltage of power to your CCTV camera system. The manufacturers of these systems always stipulate the amount of power that the camera needs. Using a source of power that is beyond or less than what has been designed for will compromise its functioning. You should also check the cables to make sure that they are not disconnected or damaged. In case you find one that has ruptured, replace it with a new one. Always read the CCTV manual for further details how to repair or replace CCTV installation.

2. Is the Power Cable Properly Installed?
Make sure to confirm if the power cable has been inserted into the socket correctly. If it is not, you just do the necessary; insert it again, but properly this time. Does your CCTV use a battery? If it uses, then you should check if they have gone bad or they still have power. Always replace its battery after the stated time or when it losses it power down.

3. Check the Storage Media
If you are to repair your CCTV by oneself, don’t forget to check the storage media. The storage device of your system could be damaged. In most cases, the CCTV cameras, especially the video camera recorder (VCR) that uses video tape for its storage may be plugged in wrongly. Make sure that it is properly connected. Turn it off and on again and see if it is now functioning properly. Check if the tape is damaged. Replace when there is need.

4. Computer Check
Is the computer operating normally? You may expect the CCTV’s to function correctly when the computers are off. Really? Make sure to check that the computer is plugged in and functioning as intended. In most cases, guys in Singapore like to use CCTVs that are connected to the computer directly i.e. digital video recorder (DVR) or those that are known as PC based surveillance camera.

5. Inspect the Video Card
To do this, you will need to open the system box. You will have to open your computer, remove the RAM, video card and hard drive. All that you need to do is to take them out and install correctly. Make sure that these components do not have any dents whatsoever. If any of the components is damaged, don’t mind doing a repair or replacement.

6. Software Inspection
You may think that the hardware is damaged when the software is corrupt. The best thing to sort out this issue is to check if the system software needs an immediate update or it was corrupted. This is common with CCTVs that are based on video surveillance capture (computer version). The video card that is installed on the computer system unit is always instructed with software that is installed inline. You will have to uninstall and reinstall the application again.


If you adhere to the above easy-to-follow steps, dealing with your CCTVs should not be a daunting task. In case you find that you are not able to sort out these issues, you can consult your preferred CCTV dealer in Singapore like and any other that you think of so long as they have got good reputation. 

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