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HD IP CCTV System VS Analog CCTV System

CCTV monitoring systems over the last few years have evolved in functionality and usefulness to enhance the overall security and safety. They have become integral systems to the modern businesses mainly because of their increased sophisticated capabilities for recording, monitoring and ability to view activities inside and outside of the property. The advantages of having an effective CCTV system are extensive and vary based on individual needs but safety and security is universal. However, there are several things that you should consider if you are planning to have a CCTV system installed in your premises. You should understand that what is best for your neighbor does not necessary mean it would be the best option for you.


Discussing with a qualified expert your CCTV needs will help you understand the extensive wide choice of products available and their benefits and suitability. For example, you should note that a system specifically built to monitor access into a building or a car park may not necessarily be the best option in recording activities at specific times. A qualified expert will also help you understand the confusing terms used to explain various technologies such as Analog and Digital systems. Others things that you should take into considerations at the onset of your project include how you want to use the data from the system and for how long you are going to keep it.

It is also important you understand that larger storage options and new technologies have changed the traditional way CCTV systems used to work. For example, the modern high definition systems offer security teams with ability to zoom in on facial details and even compare them to previous stored records. The CCTV systems can be broadly categorized into either analog or digital system. Analog CCTV system is the oldest technology in safety and security monitoring while Digital systems was developed to offer more benefits.


Understanding the Technology behind Analog CCTV System and Digital CCTV system

An Analog system basically records in the moment activity for future access as it does not allow viewing of actual live information and thus, not suitable for monitoring live activities. In most occasions, picture quality in analog systems is also of lower quality as compared to digital systems. With the digital CCTV systems, the camera views the scene and broadcasts it live to the server or computer through an internet connection. The actual capability of a digital system is based on the software used but most will record, display and transmit. Some advanced IP CCTV software allow advanced data analysis tasks to be done such as customized monitoring of a specific item.

It is also important to know that an IP CCTV System offers more intelligent data mining and information retrieval making it suitable for situations where security is an issue. An IP based system offers data encryption, which protects against image manipulation. The majority of the recent HD IP CCTV systems are also designed with in-built web servers eliminating the need for external servers and thus, improving security.

Simply, the major difference between IP based CCTV systems and Analog CCTV systems is the way in which video signal is transmitted. Analog systems turn video signal into a format that can be viewed on a monitor, television or a VCR. However, IP systems are able to digitize video signal using specialized encoder making it possible to view the captured details on the system network as well as on browsers through internet. However, it is necessary to remember that every system has its benefits and shortcomings.

Should you install an Analog or IP based CCTV System?

To some choosing between IP based systems and analog system is straightforward based on their needs and budget. To majority however it is a complicated process but this article will help you make the best choice by looking at the pros and cons of each system based on a security system features. In this guide you will learn how they rank based on things that you should consider.

Analog CCTV


An analog CCTV system uses a universal standard format in video recording making it simple to install and use. Actually to configure an analog system, you only need point a camera, plug in the cable and power on the DVR to work unlike IP based system that require internet connection.


In most occasions, IP based cameras are more expensive than analog cameras making single analog camera installation cheaper. However, IP based cameras are cheaper option for large installations especially when you need many cameras on the same system.

Scalability and Installation Flexibility

An analog System is difficult to scale as it is a wired system unlike the HD IP CCTV system that can be easily scaled as your needs and budget grow. The IP based systems also allows you to tackle large deployments across multi-site retail stores and multi-level buildings unlike analog systems that have a fixed number of maximum cameras that can be used.


Analog systems have a limited resolution as they utilise standard technology, which was invented many years back. You should also note that irrespective of the camera image quality, the video signal is still being transmitted through a pipe that has its own shortcomings. On the other hand, IP based systems offer better resolution with greater details. IP based systems also cover a wider area reducing the number of cameras that you need to install in your premises.


CCTV installation is an important requirement that plays an important role in the safety and security for every business and individual. However, in order to have an effective system that works for you, you must clearly determine the objective of having the system installed. You should also have an idea of how you will be using the images from your camera and how you would like to access the data. For example, if you would like to monitor your premises remotely, you should consider a HD IP CCTV system. Another factor that you should consider is the credibility and reliability of the installer. The ideal installer should be committed to customer satisfaction, offer affordable rates, use the latest technology and offer excellent after sale service. The installer should also have good reputation and deep knowledge on the latest technical and technological trends.

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