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7 Useful Tips When Installing CCTV in Office

What happens if someone sneaks into your office when you are not around? The intruder can steal your company’s information, which can result in huge financial loss. Installing an outdoor CCTV camera will not only deter intruders and burglars, but will help you in capturing them in the act. This footage can be used as evidence in court. Today, cameras are used not only to monitor your office but can also be used to restrict access to certain areas when it is connected to the centralized locking and unlocking mechanism of the office.

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If you are planning to buy an outdoor CCTV camera for your office, you are likely to face two crucial challenges – mounting the camera and finding the right location. In this article, we will discuss tips to solve these challenges successfully.

Survey the Site

Before you start the installation process, you must inspect the area of installation. You must take note of existing buildings in the area and possible new constructions. Take note of the height of the area where you plan to fix the receiver and the transmitter. Also, keep an eye out for all the electrical outlets that can be used for installation. If you plan to install the device on a light pole, you must check if the power supply is constant. Also, check the equipments you will need to install the device on the pole. At times, you may have to drill holes into the pole or use a strap to install the device. If you are planning to install the device on a building, make a note of all possible entry points for your wires and cables. Surveying the site also involves finding the right routes to install the cable. If you are planning to use an IP-based transmitter or an analog transmitter, you must use low voltage cable. For all types of low voltage jobs, the maximum length of the cable should be 100 feet. If you plan to use an external antenna, the maximum distance between the antenna and the transmitter must be less than 5 feet.

Type of Camera

After you have completed site survey, you must decide on the features you want in the outdoor CCTV camera. Are you looking for a device that can pan and tilt, zoom, capture image of the intruder or capture image based on motion? We will discuss a few important features of outdoor security cameras and their impact on the cost of the device. Since the camera is going to be placed outdoors, it must be weather resistant. The degree of resistance will vary from device to device, but it is important that the system you buy must be able to withstand mild rain and winds. Most weather resistant cameras have a hood that protrudes over the camera lens to protect the lens from humidity and condensation. The security camera you plan to install must be certified by a recognized authority. Buying a certified camera will ensure that the product is designed for outdoor usage in mind. Also, most certified cameras come with warranty that covers its functionality for a predestined period.

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Place the camera in Strategic Position

When walking the perimeter of your office, make note of high interest areas. These may include areas that contain trees and shrubs, are heavily trafficked, or are important points of entry. You must install camera on your office’s exterior that not only keeps the device covert but also allows for an ultra wide coverage angle. You can install the cameras near the pathways or doorways, as it will allow you to see who is entering and exiting your office. Most vendors will consult you before selecting the optimal spots for installation.


Always consider how the wiring will run through in your office. Ideally, you would want the wires to enter the office right from the base of the CCTV camera. If the wire runs along the exterior of your office, it increases the possibility of the intruder cutting the cords and wire. If wiring is a problem, you could buy a hardwired or wireless camera. Remember though, that even if you buy a wireless system, you will still need a wire that runs from the electrical power source to your camera. If there is obstruction between the receiver and transmitter, it will block out the signal and affect the quality of the image. It is best that you avoid installing cameras in areas where construction is underway or planned. There are cases where a perfectly functional wireless camera was disrupted because construction project affected signal transmission between the receiver and transmitter.

Pair the Camera with Lighting

It is in your interest to get a night-vision capable system, even if it is a bit expensive. Cameras that don't have this feature are fairly useless in the night. You must pair your night-vision capable cameras with outdoor lighting to increase your safety and maximize the potential of your device.

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Number of Cameras

If you are running a small business, you must install at least two cameras to protect your office against intrusion. When installing outdoor CCTV cameras, make sure there are no blind spots as the intruder moves from one camera’s view to another. The number of cameras you must install will depend on area of the property and the level of coverage required. When deciding on the number of cameras you must install, you must also consider the cost of installing additional cameras. Your investment in the system will increase with every additional camera you add to the system.

Reputation of the Seller

Before buying a system, make sure you check the reputation of the seller. Checking customer feedback and selling policy will give you a fair idea of seller’s reputation. It is a good idea to select a seller that is close to your office. This will reduce installation cost and make it easy for the seller to carry out after-sales service and repairs.


To protect your property, reduce insurance rate, and to maintain personal safety, it is important that you install a good quality certified camera in your office. Since your office is vulnerable after dark, it is in your interest to install a night vision camera. However, it is important that you install the device in a secure place which cannot be easily accessed by the intruder.

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