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Things To Know Before Installing CCTV In Your Office

Managing a huge workforce in multinational companies can turn out to be a nightmare for the higher management, if there is
no way of monitoring the day to day engagement and activities (of their employees) during the operation hours.

CCTV In Office

Given the amount of infiltration happening in all spaces of human network (international borders as well as the internet), a
cohort of government and private authorities from all across the globe are seizing technological interventions to protect the data as well as personnel security. Thus, the introduction of CCTV cameras within and in the exteriors of a workspace gives the employee with a better control and track progress on their business activities.

When to Mobilise a CCTV camera?

CCTV surveillance cameras (in offices) are installed by the management to engage in 'active' and 'passive' real-time
activity to monitor not only the ECM (Enterprise Content Management) system but also the employee engagement in the organization.

A CCTV installation is one of the useful resources a company must consider including during the initial stages of the
infrastructure design. The accurate positioning of a CCTV camera helps cover a larger area to be monitored by the employer (or clients from various businesses). It is imperative to have a quick understanding of the specifications of the camera before it is installed and also run a thorough system test post-installation at the site.

The Smart Nation- Singapore and The Third Eye

Singapore has emerged as a click-and-mortar nation which provides immense opportunities to not only the native businesses but also is one of the most desired business destinations by foreign companies. However, as there are achievements (in any
sector), there are also pitfalls. In this case, it is in the form of data protection procedures adopted by the employers and the adherence (or its code of conduct) by the employees, per se.

Singapore government completely realize the importance of protecting the consumer data (especially when foreign businesses
are involved) and hence, emphasise on the maximum utilization of CCTV camera to conform to their Data Protection Act (1998) and Human Protection Act (1998).

CCTV In Office

Essentials of a CCTV Surveillance Kit and its Know-How

Before you decide on installing a CCTV surveillance camera in your office or commercial space, there are a few observations you
must make first.

· If you are operating out of a Serviced Office or Business Centre, you might want the employees and systems to adhere to operational requirements of your business. Hence, the installation of a fully- functional CCTV camera in the reception area, IT corridor and department, refreshment area, etc. becomes quite imperative.

· If you have shared a work space with other tenants (or using 'hot desks'), it may not look convincing install a high-end CCTV camera for the entire area. In such cases, engaging the workforce to adhere to IP-based security structure helps.

· The business owners and management must conform to the Codes of Practice and Procedures and keep an open channel of communication before subjecting the employees to CCTV camera vigilance within the office premises.

· Businesses and offices must not intrude the privacy of any employee (or individual) while setting the position of the CCTV camera at the time of its installation.

· Whether it is a commercial-leased space, a private-owned commercial building, a government-owned commercial building, a
virtual space, or a Home Office- a CCTV camera can be designed for each space with the desired set of specifications (based on the operator’s requirement).

· The market and CCTV developers offer a range of options based on the operator’s requirement. The design and specification of
the Close-Circuit TV camera depends on the spatial layout, blind areas, protecting critical assets, evaluation of video images in the suggested camera locations, etc. must be taken into consideration (while choosing the most accurate device for your usage).

Checks before the Installation of a CCTV camera in an Office Space

Eavesdropping or watching over someone is always considered an immoral and unlawful act by the defender. CCTV cameras came into existence to raise the security aspect of an individual, space or data (when threatened will loss or malpractice). People (whether at public or commercial spaces) can not appeal against it (as it is an important feature of the business’s and its consumer’s data protect policy). But the same theory doesn’t apply if the camera (hidden-eye) is installed in a private space (by a third party). There are a list of do’s and don’ts while installing a security camera in official spaces (particularly in this case).

CCTV In Office

· Each space has a different lighting arrangement and therefore, the operator must consult the CCTV professional (or developer)
before selecting a particular camera type(s) for each area (if any usage of incandescent, HID, Infrared, or LED lights is there).

· CCTV cameras may face equipment issues pertaining to the power source performances in that space. Hence, the CCTV’s are usually installed at the conceptual stages of an office set up, so as to allow the electricians to create a powerful electric system and network for the CCTVs and other electrical equipment to work in tandem and uninterrupted.

· CCTV uses a digital transmission platform to produce video images (of high quality). In order for the CCTV camera to give
the maximum output and intensify the video streaming for a quick surveillance, the operator must try and accommodate more server networks to maximize the bandwidth space.

· Before placing an order from a particular vendor, the user (or client) must get a general overview and feedback from the prior
customers (of the same CCTV brand or company) about the operational efficiency, maintenance and durability of the product.

· Each time a purchase is made, the operator must request and receive a complete on-site trial of the product to make sure all
his requirements and asks are met.

· Since, it is an electronic device- the warranty on the device is an important check (to be confirmed by the buyer or operator).
This ensures the maintainability of the device for a longer duration.

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