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Does CCTV Invade Our Privacy?

When the technology became more advanced years back, one of the things that was invented was the CCTV. A CCTV is basically a relatively hidden camera, which monitors a particular location, but doesn’t necessarily require the TV signals to operate. CCTVs have been installed in many homes in Singapore and offices as well. Technically, many are adapting to this trend. Nevertheless, there is a debate, not a tough one though, but some believe that the CCTV is invading their privacy. On the other hand, some believe that it is one of the things that gives them a peace of mind. Some people call it their third, most active eye on their property. With these CCTVs, the users can play them back and determine what went one earlier on. Others have a live recording, which makes them quite reliable, in terms of viewing what went on at what time. So do they invade one’s privacy? According to most of the people who have installed the CCTVs, they claim that they have been able to monitor their property in an easier way, with more comfort.

CCTV Invade Our Privacy?

Here are some of the benefits that the CCTVs have helped in:

• Assists In Investigation

With the CCTVs installed in many properties and homes, the detectives find it easier to go back to the recorded clips and establishing an investigation. If it is in a home, suppose the owner is asleep, or they are away, the CCTV will keep running and it will also record every single event. For that, if there has been a theft case, which has led to loss of items or vandalism, the CCTV will help a lot. Most of the CCTVs have a recording option, which will record the live feeds and any other captured clip. The investigators will later go through the clips and determine a platform to develop an investigation. Most of the businesses also have the CCTVs installed, which helps them to monitor the activities of everyday. In case there was an error or an unknown theft within the business, they can later go to the saved clips and view exactly what happened. This in turn helps to monitor the property and not really to invade the privacy.

• They Are Used For Surveillance

Other than investigation and such, the CCTVs also help to monitor the premises. All the CCTVs have been connected directly to a screen, which gives live feeds of the ongoing activities. For bigger properties like large business units or bigger homes, the CCTVs help to watch every angle. They will be mostly connected to various TV screens, which will show every angle that is captured. Depending on the number of CCTVs installed in your home or business, you will be able to watch every corner. All the angles around the home or business will be viewed from one place. This helps to avoid vandalism and other theft cases, before it happens. Since the camera will capture the ongoing activities, the owner of the property will be able to stop it before it happens.

• Keep Intruders Away

Sometimes, the CCTV will only need to be put in the open and any intruder will be kept at bay. Many people who have the CCTVs installed in their properties vow that they have experienced some people walk away when they noticed the CCTV. Whenever one sees the CCTV, they always have that thought of someone watching them. This helps a lot to ensure that any intruder is kept away and the property is safe enough. Even if there is no one in the watch room, supervising the activities, the CCTV can help to chase away any intruder that comes into the premises with wrong motives. The CCTV will help in many ways and mostly, it helps in keeping the house safe and free from vandalism and any other related theft case. It is a gadget that can help largely in keeping everything in perfect shape. Technically, they will not invade your privacy as such, but on the brighter side, they will be keeping your property safe enough.

Does CCTV Invade Our Privacy?

The Contradicting Opinion

Others believe that the CCTV is a great intruder of their privacy. In a way, there might be a way that this can be true. In case the CCTV company fixes the CCTV in sensitive areas like in the bedroom, or in the bathroom, there will definitely be a privacy invasion. That is the reason why some have the complaint about the CCTV.

Technically, the aim is not to watch every move, rather, it is specifically aimed at avoiding theft cases and vandalism. For that matter, a CCTV company is expected to fix the CCTVs, with regard to professionalism. They must be professional enough and must concentrate on protecting the property of the client, rather than watching their move.

Such areas like the bedroom and bathroom are not supposed to have the CCTV installed. This only happens if the client feels overly insecure and needs every activity monitored. Since some CCTV companies will monitor the activities around the house and office, it is recommended to be wise in it. You should have the CCTV installed only in areas that you feel less secure. In the office, the CCTVs can be installed in relatively every room, due to the possibility of break-ins. On the contrary, the homes are more sensitive and for that, they need more consideration when installing the CCTVs. In case the CCTV has been installed unprofessionally in sensitive areas, there will be an invasion of privacy.

Final Verdict

Apparently, CCTVs help a lot in ensuring that the property is kept safe and that there is nothing to worry about. They help to monitor every single move and in case anything happens, you can go to the recorded clips and follow each activity. However, if they are installed wrongly, or basically, if they are installed by non-professionals, they will definitely invade the privacy of the client. A professional company must consider the privacy of the client and mind only about their protection. So the bottom line is that the CCTV will not invade your privacy. You should only ensure that you choose a professional company, in order to have the CCTV installed in the right and recommended manner.

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