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 Common HDB CCTV Mistakes To Avoid

Security in Singapore has now become a necessity rather than a comfort as it will head all the measures needed to make your office and home environment safer and affable to live in. It can be implemented individually or even communally and is a very effective tool especially for keeping track of any criminal activities such as burglary, kidnapping, offensive abuse whether verbal or physical, etc.

6 Mistakes to Avoid When installing CCTV In Your HDB

Singapore is home to more than five million people and crime is not performed in error, therefore, it is important to utilize the use of CCTV security in your HDB in order to help stream line both the population criminal activities and also assist the justice system authorities in gathering solid evidence against the perpetrators.

Installing a CCTV system in your HDB is not an easy task and is one that is filled with its challenges to ensure that you receive the high quality services rendered by these equipments. It is most advisable to be aware of the most common mistakes made by first time installers in order to fully equip yourself with the best ideas and knowledge on how to properly install your CCTV system in your HDB.

Common HDB CCTV Mistakes To Avoid

1. Do not use poor quality materials. Using poor quality material for your CCTV security system will result in premature damages and will render you in a position of susceptibility in both security measure and high costing of fixing damages. The best CCTV security system can operate a whole day every day throughout the duration specified on the package without having to incur any severe damages and will ensure to deliver quality services. The cost of constantly fixing premature damages will prove to be a great problem as the system can run up your finances in the shortest amount of time possible and still risk your safety while at it. It can be easy to get someone to fix the damage but what if the damage occurs at night or in stormy rainy days where the fixer is not available. You and your family would have to live under the risk until the damage is fixed. Therefore, it is safer to buy a high quality CCTV security system that will offer quality services every day than to risk becoming a victim of high damage costs and criminal activities.

2. Do not assume to know everything about security systems. Much like any other product in the market, CCTV security systems come in their variety of company manufactured products. Each company will always promote their own product as the best to use. However, it can be better to hear it for the horse’s mouth. If you have any friends or families or neighbors who have implemented CCTV security system you can have a chat with them about each of their systems. This way you can analyze from their direct experience. You will be able to find the strengths and weaknesses of each system produced by each company and know which system matches your objectives.

3. Do not hire the cheapest installer in town. This will cost you a world of trouble with your daily operation of the CCTV security systems. A professionally trained installer should be able to install all the equipments without much complications and even test drive the effective use of the system before leaving. Yes you do want to save your money and hire the cheaper installer, but majority of the time the cheap installer will not understand or have the full capacity on how to install the system without default. They will confuse the model of operations and mix it all up. Better to be safe than sorry and hire a professional installer.

4. Do not use out-dated technology to install you CCTV security system. This has been seen to be a common practice in Singapore that yields problems of lack of quality service fulfillment. Several technology features will be missing in comparison to the newer systems. Ensure that your systems are the latest in order to receive the best services available from the security systems implemented.

5. Wrong plan implementation. Due to lack of experience and knowledge you may only implement the CCTV security systems in a manner that is limited to the viewed area coverage. The best way to have a good view is to place each camera system at an angle that provides the best and widest view of the location. This way you give yourself a better chance of gathering solid evidence of criminal activities.

6. Do not implement a single measure of security systems. For example, when implementing a door alert system on your entrance door, you use the CCTV security systems at the front door to help identify the person entering and also have an extra camera inside the entrance room that shows the entrance of the person. This is known as creating a multiplier effect of security measures.

The implementation of quality security is as good as you decide to implement. Good quality system will offer you good security measure, poor quality system will offer you poor security services.


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