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CCTV Camera Installation To Monitor Maids

Parenting does not come easy as you have to pay the most appropriate care to your children every time to ensure that they grow and develop in the right way. It is always necessary to pay attention to ensure that your kids will be safe whenever you are not at home. Most parents are busy doing their job but at the same time, they have to bring up families. This modern and busy life forces you to hire a person or a maid who can look after your kids when you are at your job. There have been cases where maids have been reported to abuse babies and this is a major concern which you can prevent by CCTV installation in your home.


Why CCTV installation

As a parent, you will be able to monitor your maid and get to know how they are handling your kids whenever you are not at home. Installing CCTV in your home will provide real-time video recording that you can always access whenever you are at work. This enables you to watch over everything going on in your home including the location of your baby and the maids thus eliminating any doubts of the maids mistreating your baby.

Setting up cameras during CCTV installation

It requires you as the parent to make a decision and start by finding an expert who can install the video cameras for you. They can always come and assess your home and see the best cameras that can work for you so that you can always monitor maid easily whenever you want. The best thing is that technology has advanced immensely where everything is done digitally. You can connect the cameras to your smart devices such as your smartphone where you can install a specific app that works with your model cameras so that you can access anywhere you are.

This has enabled many families to prevent disputes and cases of child abuse by maids. Another advantage of installing CCTV cameras is that you will enhance security where you will be able to observe all the activities going around in your home without having to worry about strangers or burglers accessing your home. The best thing you can do is to install CCTV cameras in every room and if possible, make it discreet so that the maid won't realize the location of the camera or even realize that you have installed the cameras.

The types of CCTV cameras to install

You will find that things are advancing every day where you will find that the size of cameras is reducing every day. It will be up to you and the monitor maid CCTV installer to select the latest cameras that are compact and have the ability to record High definition real-time video that you can access any time. Find the cameras with the high definition so that they can record the clearest images. Linking your CCTV security with the latest digital system will ensure that you have ther best security system around that can help you to find out anything whenever anything in your home is abused.


Cameras that come with motion detection will be more efficient as it will enable you to monitor the movement of your kids so that you can always what they do when you are not around. This will give you the peace of mind when you are away from home thus enabling you to concentrate on your work and be more productive. It clears your doubts and there is no day or time that your maid will think of abusing your children knowing that you are watching their every move.

The laws on CCTV

You will find that cases of maids abusing the kids of their employers have become more prevalent and this is why the Singapore laws allow CCTV installation in individual homes so that parents can have the peace of mind when the kids are left with caregivers. If you need to take such measures, you only need to consult the local laws so that you can understand the Singapore laws pertaining to CCTV installations in homes for personal use and security.

For many years, many parents have been suffering where the maids have done the craziest things to their children. With the best CCTV installations, these cases are greatly reducing and it is a major achievement to the parents and the Singapore laws for making it possible. Maid monitors have enabled most of the cruel maids to be caught on cameras where they have been charged with child abuse while losing their jobs and got discredited never to handle babies anywhere else.

When to perform CCTV installation

Any time you want ta take extra measures to guard your property and your family especially your children. You can opt for the option of installing CCTV cameras around your home. You can install cameras in each room which is accessible to the maid and the children and you can always observe their moves even if you are far away from home. You can also install indoors and outdoors cameras that can add extra security. Outdoor cameras can detect motions of strangers or burglars who may want to vandalize your property or break in. You can integrate your system with digital security systems where the system can alert you whenever something is wrong.


Hire professional CCTV installers

If you don't have the slightest knowledge, you can always seek the help of professionals who can assist you a lot. They know the best cameras that you can use at home or for commercial purposes. They know the right models and can perform the installations on time which will give you the peace of mind and eliminate the doubts that you may have. The can also integrate your security system digitally so that you can access and manage your security system right away from wherever you are. The best thing is that they will always install the right systems which are reliable for all your needs.

In conclusion

CCTV installation is one of the best things that you can do whenever you decide to leave your kids in the hands of a maid or caregiver. It will eliminate all the doubts that you may have and prevent any cases of child abuse as you will be able to monitor all their movements and determine whether they are the best caregivers to your children. It does not cost a lot as compared to the price of getting your child abuse. You may need to install the highest quality cameras for high efficiency and performance and you will realize that any cost that you have to encounter, it is worth the investments as all your doubts will be cleared and live a peaceful life knowing that your children are safe.

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