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Can I Install CCTV Outside MY HDB?

One of the many concerns in today's fast and unreliable times is about security. The concern for security has made it important for people to rely on CCTV camera systems and more. However, whilst living in the busy city of Singapore, one of the common queries is whether one can install a CCTV installation in front of a HDB flat in Singapore. This is one of the things that is highly subject to the rules and terms laid down by the Housing and Development Board of Singapore. Also, given the high incidence of thefts and break-ins, there is also a need to put up some CCTV installations in front of the HDB flats. Here are some thoughts on the CCTV HDB.

Can I Install CCTV Outside My HDB?

Legal Concerns
For a long time, the HDB has been a bit touchy about the issue of putting up cameras in front of the houses. This was because they assumed for a long time that these cameras could be misused by a number of people. Also, there was the common misconception that the cameras could be a form of attack on personal space and privacy. However, all those theories are now being quashed. This is because the legal concerns are being subdued for the sake of security. Given the high incidence of thefts, the security cameras like CCTV installations and devices have become important means of protection for the people living in Singapore.

The Available Options
The CCTV HDB cameras available in Singapore are quite diverse and they can help you to get a good sneak peek into all the different corners when you are doing the household chores. Many of the CCTV installations and devices are also quite easy to operate for the people. So, if you do install a CCTV camera in front of the house, you will be able to monitor all the people who come in and go out of the house without any hiccups. In fact, many of the new CCTV devices are pretty versatile as well. This is because many of the devices can also be fitted into nooks, crannies and more. This is another great advantage of the new cameras.

Where To Find The Cameras
When you are browsing through the cameras for setting up in houses and offices, you would be best advised to try out a number of authorized CCTV HDB outlets in the whole city of Singapore. You can visit well-known places in the city like Marina Square and Clark Quay and find that there are original vendors and makers of CCTV cameras and devices that can be installed in both offices and homes. Many of these Singapore-based makers have also set up websites and databases where people can find a lot of good deals on devices. They can also know all about the features and frills that the cameras will offer to them as well.

The Benefits
The benefits of the camera devices for HDB housing are many and diverse. One is that the new CCTV installations are quite easy to control and navigate. The latest technology makes it easy that you use the camera only for monitoring your house and not to be infiltrated by the intruders. This means that everyone who has evil designs will find it real hard to infiltrate your house with the intention of theft or break-in as well. So, the camera devices are the devices that need to be installed for the ease of use that they pack in as well. This means that these installations are quite good. So, the flexibility and ease of use is a very important factor.

Other Pros
Other than this, there are some other pros or benefits of the CCTV installation as well. One is that the security factor is highly enhanced using these cameras. With the aid of good CCTV installations, one will be able to protect one's privacy and security without any fear from the usual people who are involved in crimes. With the aid of cameras and CCTV installations, one will be assured that his family sleeps well and peaceful without any fear at all. These are some solid and valid benefits for the CCTV users in the coming times in the future as well. This is because the CCTV cameras remain to be quite useful for both offices and houses as well.

The Verdict
The HDB rules regarding the CCTV usage in Singapore are a bit unclear. For now, the authorities have relaxed their rules and limits on the CCTV installations that can be put up in houses and offices under the HDB legislations. Therefore, it should be said that for now, people can do their stuff without any worries at all. The CCTV usage is being feared for misuse. However, there is no real chance that people may misuse the data which is normally entered into the cameras and shutterbugs which are being assembled by different people for different purposes as well. This is one of the key things to be understood.


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