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7 Mistakes To Avoid When Installing CCTV In Your Landed Property

CCTV s are becoming the most essential security accessories any home can have. Considering their efficiency, their most suited for landed property where you can’t afford security personnel patrolling the area 24 hours a day. CCTV s offer an affordable and efficient solution to your security needs especially in a country like Singapore where the economy is quickly growing leading to security concerns. Installing CCTV s is not something you just wake up and do. Prior planning and expert involvement is very important to ensure you obtain maximum benefits from the s. Otherwise poorly installed CCTV s will not serve the need they were supposed to serve.

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The following are common mistake many people make when installing CCTV on landed property:

Going for the cheapest service provider:

They say cheap is expensive and this statement is very true when it comes to CCTV installing service providers. A cheap service provider may not offer the right installation services in your landed property. A service provider is likely to offer cheap services to cover up for their lack of skills so when the deal is too good think twice. The standard price for CCTV installation is almost the same for all service providers so a price outside the standard price is always a red alarm. Dealing with the consequences of a poorly installed CCTV is even more expensive than hiring the right the right professional at a higher cost. It’s better to incur higher installation cost than having to deal with faulty s that will give you more problems in future. The cost of re-installing s may be higher and some of the s might end up getting damaged at the end of the day. Make sure you go for a professional no matter the cost to be incurred.

Disregarding prior assessment process:

Before installing your CCTV, you must first carefully make an assessment why you need them. CCTV as a security option is supposed to solve your most important security needs. Assessment can be done by a security consultant who will visit your premises and assess where and why you need CCTV. Once you answer the important question of where and why you can now call your professional installing company. The installing company will use your security needs as a guideline to strategically place them in the most suitable locations. If you install them without assessing first assessing your property installation becomes a matter of guess work. This is because the installation company does not know what you want to protect so they can’t know how to make sure it is properly protected. To obtain success in installation make sure you carry out a clear security assessment first.

Thinking CCTV will work in isolation:

The work of CCTV is to record events and monitor occurring in the premises and not offering actual security services. CCTV therefore can never be used in isolation as a fully security option for your premises. To ensure you have effective security of your premises should have a combination of CCTV together with other security options like alarms and guards. A combination of CCTV and other security options give a holistic security option for you. The mistake many people make is installing CCTV and forgetting about other security options. It is important to know that CCTV s can never work in isolation no matter who properly they are installed and so they can never provide holistic security for your home.

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Relying on old technology:

Computer technology is quickly changing and new CCTV s are quickly coming to the market. It is up to you to keep on researching to find the latest CCTV in terms of security. Cameras with outdated may still be available in the market but at a lower price. It is important to ask for the latest technology and don’t just go for the cheapest gadgets. Criminals can easy manipulate cameras using the old technology. New technology cameras are almost undetectable because of the small size and this makes them even more efficient. Cameras that are undetectable are better because people will not hide from their location when doing criminal activities. Always keep up with the latest technology when choosing CCTV for your landed property.

Wrong camera type and substandard cameras:

CCTV surveillance is all about effectiveness and use of cameras. It is important to choose the right camera and also use high quality cameras that will last a long period of time. Before buying cameras you should consult an expert to make an assessment. This is because different cameras cover different areas and they are used for different areas. Make sure you also use high quality cameras that will go for a long period of time without the need of maintenance and repair.

Lack of lighting:

For CCTV to capture footage effectively, proper lighting is important. This is an aspect that many people are likely to forget when making their CCTV installation. In cases of lighting, some cameras come with an installed infra-red light and this means that you will save on lighting and you need to keep your lights on to capture footage. Some cameras have sensor which a technology that allows such cameras to capture when triggered even without lighting. No matter the kind of camera you select for your property always remember about lighting needed to capture clear footage.

Wrong placing of cameras:

CCTV can never work properly if they are placed in the wrong place. For surveillance cameras to work they must be correctly placed in strategic and vulnerable locations. These are areas that burglars are likely to easily access or areas that are hidden from the normal eye. CCTV cameras are supposed to serve as a third eye in specific locations that we cannot see. If you place cameras in the wrong locations, criminals may find a way of escaping them and this will compromise your security. Apart from wrong placing, the cameras should be placed in locations where they cannot be seen. Cameras should not ideally be exposed as they will not be able to serve their purpose correctly. The purpose of CCTV cameras is hiding them to efficient capturing.

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