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Things To Take Note When Installing CCTV Outside Your CCTV

 When it comes to the installation of CCTV outside your Singapore HDB many questions may crop up in your mind. You are not alone! Which CCTV to choose, which supplier to approach and installer to hire for CCTV installation, what are the rules and regulations; there are many common queries people usually have before putting-up the security equipment.

CCTV Outside HDB

Here are a few things that will help you make a decision and do things the right way.

Clarity of purpose

There are several reasons why you may want to install CCTV cameras outside your HDB home.
• Increase safety/ promote security
• Avoid harassment
• Monitor and gather evidence of misdeeds

If you know why you need those surveillance cameras out there, it will be easier for you to decide how much you want to invest and which type of CCTV cameras will suit your purpose the best.

Types of CCTV Cameras

In recent times wireless CCTV cameras are the most popular. With no requirement of unsightly and complicated wires, the cameras can be controlled easily. However, you need to keep in mind that all CCTV cameras are not the same.

There are

• Traditional bullet cameras or the directional camera
• Dome cameras providing 360-degree coverage
• C-mount camera
• Day/night camera
• PTZ – Pan/tilt/zoom camera
• Discreet CCTV cameras

What will suit you most depends on the kind of coverage you require and your budget.

Do a thorough research

If you are installing CCTV cameras for the first time, you must do a thorough market research before investing in anything. Know what’s new and trending and do not fall for old and outdated versions.
An out of date camera may not be good enough to provide you with the services and advantages you require. Remember cutting on the cost will have a direct impact on your security!

Choose a good supplier

All CCTV suppliers in Singapore may not have a good collection of surveillance cameras. Always purchase from suppliers who can give you a wide range of options to choose from. A limited choice of product will bob you off options and you may not find a satisfactory product to cover all your needs.

CCTV Outside HDB

Consider your requirements

When you are looking out for CCTV cameras, you will realize there are a plethora of variety and brands offering different features. What fits your definition of maximum utility will depend on your requirements.

Look at the technical details carefully. It is always advisable to choose one with HD video recording capability. Before picking up any surveillance camera ask yourself questions like

• Do I need a camera with motion and audio sensor?
• How important it image clarity?
• Does it permit low light viewing?
• Do you need an adjustable camera that can be tilted and zoomed
• How well does the camera tolerate weather elements (sun/rain)?


What is a CCTV worth without good storage? Some cameras allow storing recordings for a week whereas some may have the option of storing up to thirty days! Now that’s a key point to mull over. What are your expectations, how long do you want the recording to continue and where do you want it stored; remotely the cloud, digitally using an SD card or in your computer?


Take a thorough account of the angles you want to cover. Do not miss out areas which are considered potentially vulnerable. For different locations, you can install different types of cameras if required.
Make sure the cameras are well placed are difficult to avoid by anyone outside. Miscreants, intruders, and burglars are inventing new tricks every day and getting better in avoiding outdoor cameras. If not located properly, the entire purpose of CCTV installation can be defeated.

Fitting/ Positioning

It goes without saying that wireless CCTV cameras are the easiest to set up. There are no cables that have to be connected and pulled and many come with sticky bases or magnetic pads which are considerably simpler to install. Many of the CCTV cameras require to be mounted to be screwed to the wall. This may be the most reliable way to ensure they are stable. However, you need to consider how easy or difficult will it be to install various kinds of surveillance cameras outside your HDB home.
Think about how convenient it will be to drill holes, fix the camera, and hammer in molding pins before tightening the screws. Choose something that is simple to place outside the house in a location of your choice.

Declaration and legality

Surveillance cameras can become a major source of dispute if proper CCTV installation rules and regulations are not followed. Many Singapore residents are not aware of the fact that they require to make a police report and obtain permission from their town council prior to installing any camera equipment outside their Singapore HDB.

Many HDB residents have an idea that the installation of closed-circuit TV cameras is not lawfully permitted in the common spaces. But they are wrong. Looking at the increasing rate of thefts and elevated security concerns, the authority now grants permission to the inhabitants to install these advanced monitoring gadgets.

Let professionals handle the job

Is it a good idea to take up CCTV installation as a DIY project? Many people think it will save them some money, but they fail to realize that it is a

• Time-consuming job
• There are more chances of a mistake
• Professional CCTV installers know best installation locations

CCTV Outside HDB

If you undertake the job yourself and cannot complete the job efficiently there may be future issues with the cameras. For saving a little cash you may land up paying even more for repairs or reinstallation later.

Problems that could arise from an inappropriate installation are

• Inefficient coverage
• Insufficient control
• Improper storage of recordings

The best choice is to hire a trusted professional to handle the job for assured results. If you do not know whom to approach, a little research on the internet or asking friends and neighbors might help.

The best part about CCTV cameras is that you can monitor what is going outside your home from indoors. They act as a major deterrent to thieves and troublemakers. A well placed, professionally installed and clearly displayed, quality CCTV system can be a real boon. Many of the modern CCTV systems allow you to view the footage remotely even when you are away from home, through our mobile phone and tablet. Now, that’s what technology can do to keep your home safe by taking care of security in real-time.

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