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Comprehensive Security With Home CCTV Systems

In order to make sure that your home security is always taken care of, it is imperative to weigh all your options before settling for a security detail to be used. One could go for guards but they are expensive and human hence could end up exposing your home to insecurity too. The CCTV systems are one of the most reliable options on the market today.

CCTV System

In the past, these cameras were used in public places but have now found their way into the home where they are gaining popularity. These cameras can be placed in discreet locations in the house and many modern designs come in small packages that can easily blend with furniture while others resemble common home accessories.

The home CCTV systems run at all times and help you monitor all the activities in the various rooms in your house and around the compound. Some have night vision abilities to ensure that the feeds are gotten 24 hours of the day. The recordings are then stored in tapes or in the case of modern CCTV camera systems in network attached devices or in internal flash which offers completely stand-alone operations. When you get home all you have to do is rerun the recordings and you will be aware of all the happenings that took place while you were away.

These systems use either CCTV cameras or CCD cameras that are of the latest technology, flexible and reliable. They have been able to provide evidence that has led to the recovery of stolen property, arrests of culprits and solving of crimes that would have otherwise gone unresolved. One can also be able to monitor the activity of staff and children who can be devious in the absence of the homeowner. They give one total peace of mind in their absence.

Ways Of Using CCTV Camera

Before buying you should know what type of camera do you need for your house or for your business? You should know the cost associated with such types of cameras available in the market. Try to make proper plans before purchasing them or installing them.

You can buy a wireless CCTV camera. These are very popular devices that are available in Singapore. You can put them at any place. The cost of wiring is reduced and the hassle of wiring is also eliminated. This type of camera has the most modern features in them. They have the adjustable lens and playback systems in them. There are different types of home security systems that are now available in the market which you can buy at a very nominal cost. You can install these cameras very easily in your property.

CCTV System

In order to know about the best ways for using CCTV camera, you need to do some research work. You need to devote time to learn about the different types of closed circuit cameras. You have to learn about their working principles and also about their prices. Try to grab as much information as you can from various sources about these cameras. Always find out about the features associated with these cameras. Try to look for them in various stores. Find out different references about them. You should find out different companies from where you can learn about the different types of models and the prices of these models. Always try to find the best type of cameras available in the market and install them properly.

Where to install CCTV cameras

Nothing is more crucial than your family's security and when it is about something so critical then you should always trust your gut. Home security cameras play a significant role in maintaining the safety and security of your abode and prevent security threats and intrusions. One of the first questions that come to your mind regarding the installation of these surveillance cameras is where and why do you need to install them in your house. For this, you should have a fair understanding of what are the most vulnerable areas in your house that are more prone to security risks. Find out the four most vulnerable spots in your house that need special security attention:

Front door

Most of the security threats in your house can occur through the main entrance. So it is highly recommended to install a security camera here. In order to prevent someone from damaging the camera, make sure it is placed at the second-floor level or the eves of the house. In case your house has only one level you can cover the camera with mesh wiring to protect it. Peephole security cameras are also available these days to see who's on the door before opening it.


Another vulnerable area in your house that needs special security and surveillance is the back door. The side doors are also included in this. The point is to install a camera in each door to the house. Just like the front door, make sure that the camera at the back door is out of the reach of intruders and is safe from projectiles that are aimed at damaging the device. The camera that you install at the entry doors should be weatherproof and should have night vision capabilities.

CCTV System

Off-street windows

Intruders may also enter your house by breaking the window. Windows in the house that are not in the vicinity of the street can also be subject to security issues. Make sure you arm up all such windows with proper security cameras. It is recommended to install a wireless security camera with remote control facilities in these windows.

Basement Stairs

Some houses have basements with doors and windows that are large enough for intruders to crawl through. Installing a security camera on the stairs that lead up to the house through the basement is a must. The camera should be a motion-sensitive device with proper night vision features.

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